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Happy birthday to Mark ‘Serpent’ Oosthuizen, our local pub hero.

From the TF2 community, we wish him happy birthday, thanks for all the frags! Serpent, the man with the 1 word vocabulary (p..s), the deadly rocket launcher (only on pub these days), a strange affection for men of darker skin and exotic accents (hint, hint) and a disturbing interest in little girls (beware of ‘Hello …

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Interview: Serpent

Info Nick Name: Serpent Full Name: Mark Oosthuizen Age: 26 Location: JHB Class: Mainly Soldier Clan: None Favorites Single Player game: Bioshock Online Game: Quake 3 Music Artist: Chevelle, Metallica, Lost Prophets, Armin Van Buuren etc Song: Too many to mention TV Series: Lost Movie: Memento, 7 Pounds , Pursuit of Happyness, LOTR, Snatch TF2 …

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