Happy birthday to Mark ‘Serpent’ Oosthuizen, our local pub hero.

From the TF2 community, we wish him happy birthday, thanks for all the frags!

Lolita "Serpent is the lolglue that keeps our online family together, the feral child of awesome."

Serpent, the man with the 1 word vocabulary (p..s), the deadly rocket launcher (only on pub these days), a strange affection for men of darker skin and exotic accents (hint, hint) and a disturbing interest in little girls (beware of ‘Hello Kitty’). Pondering on these queer traits, one can clearly see why he elicits such strange reactions from people.

Read on to see what some of his friends, enemies and fan club has to say about him, when asked this question:

Who is Serpent?

Turkish: “‘n klein doosie”
Gabzilla: “Serpent can take shit and give shit, but at the end of the day he’s got your back no matter what.”
ArC_ReTuRn: “Mark aka Serpent in my experience is a legendary trash talker with exceptional skill to make you feel like a doormat without even saying anything either.”
Skeletor_Work: “Some say, he has caterpillars for eyebrows”
KomboKitten: “He’s very slippery and lovely with a rep for his potty mouth! ;)”
Roskii: “Serpent, the man who you should never challenge to a drinking contest, he will literally drink anything :(”
Rubilac: “Comedy comes with ages, Serpent is the funniest person I know!”

Lag_Beast: “Serpent is a wise cavalier, a gentle scholar, a wizard of deception (in terms of age).”
Pacman: “Serpent is an old war goat who defies Quake with his frail wrists.”
Bubbles: “Hey old man :D”
Skillbill: “Hy is ‘n doos”
mii: “Serpent once saved me in QL, that was pretty cool :O also he’s an awesome dude!”
Surge: “The oldest man alive.”

Razerfox “A fake british oke granny shagger.”

Shase: “Serpent is that guy who throws his keys into the garden in the middle of the night and then shouts at everyone to go find them ^_^”
teh_owned: “He’s the type of medication that doesn’t cure you!”

Serpent: "I'm going to stand on the street corner this eve."

rApidblue: “He is a push, and ill give him such a birthday klap!”
WaRhammY: “Gamer pedobear with grey hair.”
LavAzza:  “A great looking guy with a foul mouth”

A bit on his TF2 history.

He jammed for Criminal Misfits(CM) when TF2 competitive SA started out, after CM he started his own clan, ‘Cause of Death, but alas, being the fragger that he is, leading a clan took its toll, he disbanded and joined Pantheon Gaming’s TF2 division. He played for CM again in the Do Gaming Cup. His latest venture in TF2 is joining the MixedChicks TF2 division 3 team as designated medic, emo clown and biggest supporter.

Thanks for all the lulz you give us Serpoeth <3

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10 years ago

aweh Mark! happy birthday <3

10 years ago

Happy bday serp ^_^

10 years ago

That picture of you is absolutely irresistible, i’m framing one for my office.

10 years ago

Yooo Mark Happy b-day mate!

Freak I’m gonna have wet dreams now….