Latest TF2 Update Finally Tries To Solve The Spam Hacking Bots Problem

On this past 16th of June Valve released an update for TF2 to try solve the spam hacking bots that keep joining matches on Valve Servers with racist names/text chat and abusive noises. These bots can join the match and clone your nickname also, and when you try vote kick it, it disconnects itself so it doesn’t get banned.

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Winter Highlander 2020

Hi Everyone!

We’d like to invite you to join us for a Highlander tournament beginning on July 25th 2020. Hopefully by that date all exams should be out of the way and players will be ready to unwind with some friendly competitive TF2.


Highlander is a competitive format where teams are comprised of 9 players with a class limit of 1 per class, meaning you have 1 player on each class. A number of other typical competitive settings will apply such as no random criticals, damage weapon spread is disabled, fixed weapon spread is enabled and so on (more info on the rules). Highlander is typically played on the following map types: King of the Hill, Payload, Capture Point and a Timed Capture The Flag.

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6v6 Winter Cup 2014

6v6 Winter Cup 2014There’s a new reason for you to be delirious with happiness, fellow fanatical citizen of TF2 land! Brought to you by your friendly local benevolent overlords at TF2CSA and MWEB Gamezone, the 6v6 Cup is back and it’s bigger and better than…well than anything – literally ever!

We promised we would do it again and we have! New and improved! This is the tournament you didn’t even realize you were waiting for. But you were. We guarantee it!

At stake for the Cup Grand Final winners in this most prestigious of competitive endeavours is the Rancid Cup of Destiny! Lay claim to its filthy, but utterly fulfilling charms if you dare! Join all of South African TF2-dom in the hunt for this elusive and beguiling prize. Register your team today and join this epic quest. Fame, glory, riches and a sanitarily questionable plastic cup of dubious origins plastered with masking tape awaits you! And if we’re feeling particularly benevolent, some actual prizes could be yours too. Continue reading

9v9 Winter Highlander Cup 2014

TF2 Winter Highlander Cup

Rejoice! The moment all pubbers, MVM players and even some competitive 6v6 players have long hoped and dreamed of is finally here…It’s the first 9v9 Highlander Winter One Night Cup, brought to you by TF2CSA and Gamezone.

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