TF2CSA 6v6 Frag Video by Cod

Featuring: auto – krome – Derado – florencio – Skye – Suicidal Fluff – temo – tevo

Winter Highlander 2020 Underway!

Last week the Winter Highlander 2020 tournament got started with 9 teams registering. The tournament was set up as a Double Elimination and randomised seedings. The page tournament can be found on this link:, where you can find Map Pools, Rules, Teams and Fixtures.

Join the channel Winter Highlander for more information on when the games will be streamed/casted.

On this first week of action we have seen quite straight forward matches without going for a 3rd map decider, as all the scores going 2 – 0 for the matches.

  • EFF (2) vs (0) Fortress Refugees
  • Lion King Boys Choir (0) vs (2) Close but No Cigar
  • Ocean’s 9 (0) vs (2) Gaben’s Disciples

This Friday evening will see action between Banana Bread Banshees vs Joestar and tomorrow ANC will face Close but No Cigar, and then all teams will have played at least one game to give us an idea of which teams can be the top contenders for this tournament.

Is TF2 a Timeless Masterpiece?

While browsing Youtube a couple of days a go I stumbled upon this video from LazyPurple doing some analysis on TF2 and what makes it a great fun game. I thought of sharing it here and let me know what you think, enjoy!

Have a look:

Let The PUG Begin!

The local TF2 competitive community is getting a new feature in the Discord Server, a bot has been created to run Pick-Up Games and is looking very good so far.

Over the past few weeks Russ and skiba have been developing and testing a new Pick-up Game (pug) system which is now open for everyone to use. A pug is an informal way of playing competitive TF2 with other community members.

@Miss Pauling #pug bot
@Miss Pauling #pug bot
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