Let The PUG Begin!

The local TF2 competitive community is getting a new feature in the rsa.tf Discord Server, a bot has been created to run Pick-Up Games and is looking very good so far.

Over the past few weeks Russ and skiba have been developing and testing a new Pick-up Game (pug) system which is now open for everyone to use. A pug is an informal way of playing competitive TF2 with other community members.

@Miss Pauling #pug bot
@Miss Pauling #pug bot

This system works using a bot, @Miss Pauling, to manage players added to a game. If you would like to participate, head on over to #pug and wait for an admin to !start a game after which you can !add or !remove from the game. Once we have reached the desired number of players, @Miss Pauling will do a 60 second countdown (for people to leave if they wish) and then PM all added players a connection link to join the server with the server password in the URL. The bot handles server designation and map choice, these things will not be changed once in game, if you would like a certain map to be played, discuss the map choice amongst yourselves and then get an admin to change the map with the bot.

Once a game is full the bot will PM a message to each of the participating players with the details to join the server.

After every player joins the server two people will need to volunteer to be captains and the rest will go to spectators, as a captain you will be doing do the picking of players from the remaining players. The captains then head to middle of the map as Demoman equipped with either a Bottle or a re-skin of the bottle and they have a melee fight. The person who wins the fight gets to pick first from the pool of players in the pug one player at the time with each captain taking a turn and when the losing captain gets to his 5th pick he gets to pick his 5th and 6th player at the same time. Once both teams have been chosen you ready-up and play the game.

List of commands you can use with Miss Pauling
List of commands you can use with Miss Pauling

Please keep in mind two things:

1) This is the first iteration of @Miss Pauling – We have a lot of development in the works. Right now we won’t be accepting feature requests until we clear out our planned backlog.

2) By making use of @Miss Pauling and the rsa.tf servers, you acknowledge and agree to our Terms of Service: https://rsa.tf/tos.html

Please note that there is voice channels for use during pugs. Before teams have been chosen we can all congregate in the “TEAM SELECTION” channel, once you have been chosen and before the game starts then please move to “PUG | BLU” or “PUG | RED” channels depending on the team you were picked for.

Latest TF2 Update Finally Tries To Solve The Spam Hacking Bots Problem

On this past 16th of June Valve released an update for TF2 to try solve the spam hacking bots that keep joining matches on Valve Servers with racist names/text chat and abusive noises. These bots can join the match and clone your nickname also, and when you try vote kick it, it disconnects itself so it doesn’t get banned.

It has taken Valve a long time to try do something about it and one of the first actions is to restrict new accounts from using chat in official matchmaking modes. While this does not solve the hacking problem they say still on the works to minimize the use of new and free accounts for offensive and disrespectful purposes.

The TF2 community around the world has been collecting info on these bots to try get them VAC banned. You can read some more info on this ongoing issue on the links below:

First step to tackle the hacking bots


On the 24th of June yet another update was done for TF2 to control the spam bots and so far we have not seen those bots again.

Part of the update had the following:

  • Added rate limit checks for in-game text chat
  • Accounts that are unable to chat in matchmaking can no longer update their in-game name while connected to the server

Winter Highlander 2020

Hi Everyone!

We’d like to invite you to join us for a Highlander tournament beginning on July 25th 2020. Hopefully by that date all exams should be out of the way and players will be ready to unwind with some friendly competitive TF2.


Highlander is a competitive format where teams are comprised of 9 players with a class limit of 1 per class, meaning you have 1 player on each class. A number of other typical competitive settings will apply such as no random criticals, damage weapon spread is disabled, fixed weapon spread is enabled and so on (more info on the rules). Highlander is typically played on the following map types: King of the Hill, Payload, Capture Point and a Timed Capture The Flag.


Everyone! You don’t need to have any prior experience with competitive TF2 or even any competitive game for that matter. The goal of this tournament is to bring competitive and pub players alike to join together for some friendly fun and we feel like the Highlander format is the perfect mode to facilitate that goal.


For this tournament we will be following the ETF2L.org ruleset which can be found here: http://etf2l.org/9v9-season-21-rules/#2 Please ignore rules 1.1 through to 1.4, those are season specific for ETF2L Highlander Season 21. We will be following rules 2.1 through to the end of their ruleset. With regards to the “merc clause” if you have a full team but two members cannot make it online for a particular game you are allowed two substitutes, which may be a part of another team, which your opponent needs to agree on. These two substitutes cannot play the subsequent game with you. Along with following ETF2L’s rule set we will also be using their item whitelist which can be viewed visually here: https://whitelist.tf/etf2l_9v9_s21. For future tournaments we may develop our own ruleset and whitelist to fit our specific needs. In addition to the above, we ask that players please refrain from displaying toxic behaviour towards their opponents and team mates alike. We reserve the right to evict a player and potentially whole teams from the tournament should they display such distasteful behavior.


The tournament structure will be determined by the number of teams we have signed up and the official tournament structure will be announced closer to the time. The two main options we are considering is either a round robin tournament where every team has to play against every other team or we could go with a typical single or double elimination tournament. Naturally fewer signed up teams will favour the round robin tournament structure and if we get a good number of teams signed up then single or double elimination would be preferred.


We have a discord server setup for SA TF2 players which can be joined by following this link: https://rsa.tf/discord. Following that link will open up a browser tab which will in turn open discord and connect you to our server. If you don’t already have Discord, it is a chat & VoIP platform primarily designed for gamers which you can think of as IRC/WhatsApp and TeamSpeak/Mumble rolled into one. Clan captains are asked to please all be present on Discord so that you may interact with other clan captains to organise timings for your games and so that tournament admins are able to contact clan captains. We have setup public voice channels which teams can join to use for voice communication while you play your Highlander games and we also have open chat which you can use to mingle with other playes either in or out of TF2. Currently on Discord we have two main channels namely #general where general chatter occurs and #clan-recruitment which can be used for players to advertise that they are looking for a team or for teams to advertise they are looking for players. To further facilitate players and teams, clan captains can also request the creation of a clan channel on our Discord server. The players of that team will then be “tagged” as a member of the team and the clan channel will then be restricted so only members can join the channel to keep your clan discussions private.


Clan captains are charged with the responsibility of organising your tournament games. Clan captains should prefer to use the aforementioned Discord server for game time coordination so that we have written proof of two clan captains agreeing upon a time and server for their tournament game. We aren’t on any real big timeline here with regards to completion of games. Teams who sign up are expected to make themselves available for some decent span of time (around 4 hours) on the starting weekend as well as the following weekend should we need more time to complete all games. All clan captains are to record their POV gameplay and to take a screenshot of the final scoreboard of each map and submit it to a tournament admin after your game. For this purpose there is a Discord channel called #winter-highlander which can be used for tournament specific discussion and you can message all tournament admins by mentioning the @tournament-admin role.


To further help teams gather the required number of players needed to enter, we’d like to invite experienced TF2 competitive players who would like to participate but are not actively building a team, please consider being a free agent. You can submit your name on this post or directly to a tournament admin and we will put your name in a pool of players that can be assigned to smaller / less experienced teams to help guide them or add to their numbers to be eligable to enter. Clan captains who are building a team can then chat to a tournament admin and we can try and pair you up with a free agent that we think will work well with your team.


All games are required to be played on a rsa.tf branded server with “Highlander” in the name as these servers will have the correct server config setup, will record the game you play and will also submit the game to logs.tf for stats gathering. Currently we have one Highlander playtest server online which players can connect to immediately to try it out by clicking this link: steam://connect/cpt2.rsa.tf. Depending on how many teams sign up and the demand for servers, we will bring more servers up as and when they are needed.


To enter simply message on this post with your team name and clan members names and we will reserve your spot!. Alternatively you can come chat to us on Discord, submit your names and we will make sure we keep this post updated with your teams name.


Depending on demand for certain matches, you may be able to catch a live stream of the games at www.twitch.tv/rsatf or via a provided SourceTV address.


  • You can join the rsa.tf Discord server here
  • Our Steam group can be found at here
  • And our Facebook group here
  • As the Valve local servers go live randomly on request, here is a page to see the current live servers in South Africa and the list of rsa.tf servers‘s as well, where you can find mixes and tournament dedicated servers (join the Discord server for more info).


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/570103333908434

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/teamfortress2SA/events/2228665504584345289

6v6 Winter Cup 2014

6v6 Winter Cup 2014There’s a new reason for you to be delirious with happiness, fellow fanatical citizen of TF2 land! Brought to you by your friendly local benevolent overlords at TF2CSA and MWEB Gamezone, the 6v6 Cup is back and it’s bigger and better than…well than anything – literally ever!

We promised we would do it again and we have! New and improved! This is the tournament you didn’t even realize you were waiting for. But you were. We guarantee it!

At stake for the Cup Grand Final winners in this most prestigious of competitive endeavours is the Rancid Cup of Destiny! Lay claim to its filthy, but utterly fulfilling charms if you dare! Join all of South African TF2-dom in the hunt for this elusive and beguiling prize. Register your team today and join this epic quest. Fame, glory, riches and a sanitarily questionable plastic cup of dubious origins plastered with masking tape awaits you! And if we’re feeling particularly benevolent, some actual prizes could be yours too. Continue reading

9v9 Winter Highlander Cup 2014

TF2 Winter Highlander Cup

Rejoice! The moment all pubbers, MVM players and even some competitive 6v6 players have long hoped and dreamed of is finally here…It’s the first 9v9 Highlander Winter One Night Cup, brought to you by TF2CSA and Gamezone.

Continue reading