Kombokitten – Talking TF2 with Russell ‘Russ’ Groves

Talking TF2 with Russell ‘Russ’ Groves
by Kombokitten

Hello there you!

I caught up with a fellow TF2 player to snoop around about his TF2 lifestyle. Newer players, especially those looking to get into pickups or competitive TF2, can definitely learn a thing or two from this read.

Suited Up

I met Russ online via the Mixed Chicks MGO I belong to. He is an active community member of ours, and a good friend of many. He seems to have started TF2 around the same time I did and we give each other a run for our money in game at times. I admire his game play and his hunger to learn more about competitive TF2.

Now, to get to the core of this post, see below my interview with Russ.

1. How did you start playing TF2?

Well, I had been playing CSS for about a year or so and it was kinda getting boring. A few of my friends who seem to have really good taste in games recommended TF2 to me and kept bugging me to get it so when I saw it on special in the Steam store I quickly bought it and fell in love almost instantly.

2. How long have you been at it?

I think I started playing either late last December or early this year in January.

3. Who do you generally play with?

I find the guys and girls from #mixedchicks are the most fun to pub with and a few of them frequently play pickups too. Other than them I normally just log on to a random server and team up with some people I’ve slowly gotten to know over the time I’ve been playing TF2.

4. What are your favorite classes and why?

I try to play all the classes when I play pub as they each have a role to fulfill in order to accomplish the objective. All of them are equally fun in their own rights but when it comes to competitive play, Medic is definitely the class for me. When I first looked at getting into the competitive side of TF2 it seemed like there was a lack of good Medics, so I set myself the goal of becoming good Medic and in doing so I’ve learnt to love the Medic above anything else. Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Soldier but I still have a far way to go before I can be of any use in a clannie/pickup with him.

5. You look very interested in competitive TF2, why?

TF2 is an amazing game but playing pub is only half of whats in store. You get so much more from TF2 by playing competitive (as with many games) so I’m most definately interested in playing TF2 at a higher level. Working together with 5 team mates for one goal usually against some really talented players and succeeding gives you a rush that pub just can’t give.

6. What have you been up to with regards to training for competitive TF2?

Lately I’ve been trying to play as many pickups as I can which helps me quite a deal with practicing Medic and if I’m not in the mood for pub and there’s no pickup on then I’ll go join the MGE server and play some bball with Kev which helps me practice my Soldier a bit.

7. Which players do you look up to in the competitive scene, and why?

First and foremost, Xt3rM!n@tor has helped me out the most of everyone in the community and for this I will be forever grateful. He helps me with every little thing ranging from which demo’s are good to watch to things like how to place myself when defending last on Badlands. If it weren’t for X, I would still be the little nooblet Russ running around on pubs. I can’t forget about Skiba who was the first seasoned Medic who offered to help me out right in the beginning even before X helped me and then more recently Lola and GuzzY have both given me some pointers to take my game just that bit farther. There are too many names to mention, every pickup I play with someone different who gives me at least one extra bit of knowledge I didn’t know before and so I’d like to thank them all.

8. What advice could you offer new players interested in pickups and competitive TF2?

I think the most important thing other than having the game itself is having an IRC client that you know how to use and connect to #TF2 on the shadowfire server. Even if you don’t know how to work IRC, go to www.tf2.co.za and click on the IRC tab to use the built in web client. IRC is where all the big boys roll and its from here than you can get access to pickups, links for good international demo’s and just random TF2 chatter which will most definitely raise your overall TF2 knowledge.

-End of Interview-

I hope you enjoyed that! I sure did. The following are some screenshot’s of Russ which I chose to share with you all (click the image to enlarge).

Russ raped all these people with 4 rockets in a pub. Totally a screenie moment!

Russ and Warhammy RAEPING.

Russ POONING on his favourite pub map, De Groot Keep.

During our interview Russell revealed his fatherly instincts to me with regards to an abandoned kitten he raised as one of his own. Russ calls him Cat and he sleeps on his face sometimes.

I loooove cats so cannot pass the opportunity to share some cute pics of Cat!

That’s all for now readers! If you are new to TF2 I do hope you gained some insight into the game through this post. Best regards and be safe!


Source: http://kombokitten.blogspot.com/2011/07/talking-tf2-with-russel-russ-groves.html

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11 years ago

This cat 😀

Russ you are such a trooper, hope to see you play TF2 for long time still.

The Kombo, wd girl keep it up.

11 years ago

Jir who is that medic from the first steam screenie? Totally J2beast.

Nice interview 🙂

11 years ago

not sure, seems he has balls of steal but no head 😉

11 years ago

glad you guys like ^_^

KunG Fu
11 years ago

Russ Buss you player pimp, Where’s your date brah? 😀

11 years ago

Russ POONING on his favourite pub map, De Groot Keep.

Reply to  Heckers
11 years ago

I lol’d … good read though.

11 years ago

good read. keep it up

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