Kombokitten – Progress Report #2

Good day there,

Last night I spontaneously joined a walk-through for pocket soldiers on Granary done by Skillbill. It was great to learn from that perspective and the biggest jewel I could extract out of the learning session was to WATCH INTERNATIONAL REPLAYS/DEMO’S.

So, that’s something I will definitely be doing from now on. Have one ready to watch right now! It is a crucial part of becoming a better competitive player and so easy to do too. Great tip to have picked up. See below some screen shots – click images to enlarge.

Thats me, Russ, Wasabi and Andy getting schooled on pocket soldier strats by Skillbill.
“WOB WOB WOB WOB DEAD” – Skillbill on aggression
Was great! Pocket Soldier Tip of the moment: Don’t be a lawnmower!
Then this morning I joined the MGE server. Scouted against ReallyCanAim’s Scout on Badlands mid and had some fun getting used to the area for battling. He pretty much kicked my ass for about 2 rounds and then I versed M4GiC Sn1p3R (he also played scout) and had lots of fun.

Dominated him :O

And Again at 19 -19! He beat me down after this >.< well played oke!

Here’s a pic of Skillbill and I in a pocket taking mid point on Freight with our team in a pickup. It was a good game that taught me a lot about working in a pocket.

That is all, until next time!
Take care!
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11 years ago

tf2.co.za is like a blog now. lollolololol

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