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KritzKast Lo-Fi Offclass Cup (KLOC)

After a successful Ultiduo this month 16Bit TF are now aiming to bring the KritzKast Lo-Fi Offclass Cup to our local community. This tournament has been hosted with incredible results abroad and holds promise of great fun and awesome hats. What is the Lo-Fi Offclass Cup? The Lo-Fi Offclass Cup is a 6v6 cup where …

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R@pe Takes the 16Bit X-Mas Invitational

The 16Bit X-Mas Invitational finals were held on Sunday the 11th of December from which R@pe walked away  as the ultimate victors. After what seemed to be an action packed competition, there were many signs of progress and growth in the local teams. The 16Bit X-Mas Invitational had many surprises and saw teams really pushing the …

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The 16Bit TF2 X-Mas Invitational

16Bit TF2 in collaboration with TF2CSA present the very first X-Mas Lower Tier Invitational 6 vs 6 competition. After the great dedication shown from the lower tier teams we have invited 6 teams to compete against each other for a cash prize this holiday season. The group stages will kick off on 4 December and …

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16Bit TF 1 Nighter’s Cup August

16Bit TF2 1 Nighters' Cup

16Bit TF will be running another One Nighter’s Cup in August! 16Bit TF once again presents a One Nighter’s Cup. The Cup will be held on the 7th of August. Will Master return to defend their reigning title or will we see more serious competition?

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TF2CSA League v3 Goes Live