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6v6 v1 TOP 10 Entries

Im sure a lot of you have seen the recent Frag Vid that was released on the  website, this vid was just a preview and a test of what we are planning to do. We are going to create a 6v6 v1 TOP 10 and we need players that think that they should be in …

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6v6 Round 2 Top-10 6v6 v1 Results

To submit results follow this format: Map (name) | (TeamA) vs (TeamB) |  (Score) | (winner team) Example: Map cp_badlands | Red vs Blue | 2 – 5 |  Blue Wins Map cp_granary | Red vs Blue | 3 – 3 | Draw 6v6 v1 Teams

** Each game consists of 2 maps ** ** Points are awarded per map results ** To find out on which servers the teams will be playing check the comments on the following link: Matches Schedule