Oct 26 2011

[BB] vs UFO Highlander Final

TF2 Highlander - there can be only oneThe Highlander v2 finals will take next place this Sunday – 30 October.  [BB] and UFO will meet to play for the title over the best of 3 maps (BO3).

Both teams emerged unbeaten from their groups and it is a mouth watering prospect to check out. The UFO team has more pub players in their roster and they really were a solid team during the group stage. They managed to pip the likes of Krad’s Minions and Autobots who seemed to be the favourites to get through to the finals but UFO managed to take the edge on them.

In the other group [BB] and mC were the favorite teams to fight for the top spot and with both of them having won 2 matches already their meeting was going to be interesting. But [BB] showed better teamwork to take the win on Turbine leaving mC peeps a bit stuck.

Key players

The [BB] team with a roster of mainly competitive players we could say they pretty much know what to do but I would have to say DesertDuck’s mastering of the bow proved to be deadly during the group stage and he could be the real threat for the finals.

However UFO’s roster has a good combination of competitive and pub players making them real pub hero’s with some wise peeps that are very comfortable playing on the pub maps. CaRty’s team management and Alien’s smart gameplay will be their strongest assets.


[BB] vs UFO

  • Date: Tonight 30th October

  • Time: 8:00PM

  • STV:  on console type: connect

  • Shoutcast: Mumble IS-TF2 Shoutcasting channel

  • Maps: Upward – Turbine

BO3 (Best of 3 Maps) from the map pool (Upward; Viaduct; Turbine; Granary; Gravelpit), each team will pick a map of their choice. If a 3rd decider map is required, Heavy’s will have to fist fight (no gloves) and the winner will pick the map from the maps left in the map pool. Best of luck to both teams!

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  1. LikaLota

    Good luck all. Should be fun :)

  2. Lola

    GL, I will be cheering Acrobat on this side in mah cheerleader uniform

    1. Fair


    2. Whisp

      I have seen this uniform, it’s very sexy. Emma Watson would approve!

      1. Fair

        Doubt the uniform will work with blue hair sozLOL

  3. FreaKing

    This I wantz to see!
    Here is me hoping that the spectating server will be announced.
    Have fun. xD

  4. Lola

    ROFL guys, focus!

  5. FiSH

    Woop woop…I’ll be there with my ice cream and ale…

  6. TheVovo

    gl hf

    1. Whisp

      Give me your demo unusual 😀

      1. TheVovo

        gimme all your money?

        1. Geno

          sounds fair.

  7. Razerfox

    STV: connect
    Shoutcast: Mumble IS-TF2 Shoutcasting channel

  8. TheVovo

    Thanks for organising the coverage of the final. Thanks for the shoutcast skillbill and Andy.
    Its a pity about the mixup with the server settings on the second map.

    Really enjoyed the game on upward.

    gg wp

  9. Duck

    Yes, well played to both teams. That first map I was pissing myself it was so close:) (see what I did there :p) Unfortunate about the restart on the second map it defiantly gave some physiological adjustments. Keen to see this torny again.
    Thanks again to all who helped and participated.

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