TF2CSA 6v6 v2 Semi Finals

After some hectic busy days on the TF2 competitive scene the group stage of the TF2CSA 6v6 v2 finished with tension until the last hours of the deadline. Have look at the final standings:

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Unfortunately the 4th placed Team i will not be able to take part on the semi finals as unexpectedly some players will not be ale to play today so the 5th placed team Enigma will be taking their spot on the semi finals.

The semi finalists: Operator vs Enigma  (1st vs 4th ) & Equilibrium vs SLEEP (2nd vs 3rd)

The semi finals will be on Sunady 25 of July and the first match Equilibrium vs SLEEP is expected to be at 7:PM and Operator vs Enigma at 8:30PM ( Times to be confirmed by teams ), the matches will be played on BO3 Best of 3 Maps with each team picking a map of their choice and if required the 3rd and decider map will be GravelPit played on Best of 3 rounds.  Remember that for these playoffs matches goldencap will be used in case teams draw on map. ( Maps and confirmation of time to play will be announced shortly )

Operator  vs Enigma

Remember that Operator are yet to loose a match on the competitive scene since the last Koth Cup tournament that they won and they still have that amazing streak record until now. These 2 teams did not meet on the group stage as Enigma failed to get a full team on time and lost by forfeit. Enigma are ranked 2nd on the 6v6 TF2CSA series after been runners up twice in a row losing the first 6v6 v1 final vs Wildgirls and the last Koth Cup final vs Operator. But can they stop Operator supreme gameplay?…  Or are we going to see a ruthless Operator ramping up to the finals?… well we will find out for sure tonight.

Equilibrium   vs SLEEP

Well this will be a very tricky match because if we consider that the Equilibrium team has been together for more than a year with a few switch of players and the SLEEP team just got together for this competition but proved to be solid on the group stage by beating some of the best teams like Team i and Enigma while their match vs Equilbrium was a draw. That’s why this match is a tricky one where to find out if the stable lineup of Equilibrium that knows each other very well and only lost to Operator on the group stage could come and beat a SLEEP team packed with some of the best TF2 players from the past? even though there were not so active just before this tournament we cannot forget that they have key experienced players from Brazen, Swift and Pantheon and these were the cream of TF2 around late 2008 early 2009, maybe not on full shape but top class experience could make the difference.

Date: Tonight Sunday 25th July

7:00 PM  Equilibrium vs SLEEP

8:30 PM Operator vs Enigma

Shoutcasting: by Skillbill on Mumble Mumble Download

STV:  IS Match Server I Relay


  • Best of 3 Maps
  • 30 Timelimit
  • 5 Winlimit
  • Golden cap
  • 3rd Map decider cp_gravepit ( best of 3 rounds )
  • Normal 6v6 competitive rules



Maps: cp_badlands | cp_granary | cp_gravelpit

Eq’s Lineup

Soldier Fair ( Pocket )      

Soldier Kung Fu

Demoman carnage

Medic cheeseofdoom

Scout Xt3rminator (Captain)         

Scout Razerfox

SLEEP Lineup

Soldier Turbz ( Pocket ) ( Captain )

Soldier ToAsT

Demoman Joint

Medic skillpig

Scout Surge

Scout Vegas



Maps: TBA | TBA | cp_gravelpit

Operator’s Lineup

Soldier kaboos ( Pocket )   

Soldier Wir

Demoman enemy ( Captain ) 

Medic seamonkey

Scout Andy

Scout sentient

Enigma’s Lineup

Soldier Semper ( Pocket )

Soldier Vomitshovel

Demoman Xolox (Captain )

Medic Beetle

Scout Rage

Scout Silencer

Date: Tonight Sunday 25th July

7:00 PM  Equilibrium vs SLEEP

8:30 PM Operator vs Enigma

Shoutcasting: by Skillbill on Mumble Mumble Download

STV:  IS Match Server I Relay

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12 years ago

Good Luck to all Participating Semi-Finalists. Should be some great matches. Hope we have lots of Specs

12 years ago

Hopefully the decision of Team i forfeiting our place in the semi finial has no bearing on the individuals in the team as it was not the decision of the whole team more the decision of the few. I would personally like to apologize to Razerfox for this let down as well Operattor (was looking forward to our game) and would like to wish Razor and the rest of the teams much succes in this tournement and for the future of the community.

over and out

12 years ago

I would also like to apologise to the league oraganisers as this was a great league tournament, the pulling out of Team “i” was unfortunate and sudden. I prsonally did not know until a couple hours ago after seeing the IRC post from enemy.

Was fun

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