Semi Finalists Teams Points of View

I just wanted to get some feedback from the captain’s of the semi finalists teams to give us their opinion on their team expectations for the semi finals, how the tournament has been so far and what do you think of the TF2 SA competitive scene for the future.

Equilibrium’s Xterminator:

X on Eq making the Semi-Finals

I think that it is awesome that Eq have made the Top 4, second spot for the Semi-Finals is a great achievement. Eq are the only clan to have played all 6 of their clan games with no forfeits from their opponents and I think that lots of clans should learn from us. During Match days we played our games on time and when a team could not make the time, we arranged suitable times for both. We are also one of the two clan that needed to play 1 game from the last three days and I am proud of all our players that made this happen. It’s going to be a very interesting Semi-Final with some great fights. The winner will be the team that can think faster on the day as the Skill Levels of the individuals are very similar. The entire Eq team are looking forward to playing on Sunday and I hope Sleep are too.

X on TF2CSA 6v6 v2

The Comp as a whole has gone relatively well. Older players in TF2 have always said that there were never enough teams or there were no prizes to be won and RazerFox who leads up the TF2CSA team has gone out of his way with the minimal amount of time (due to his Chicken cutting Working hours) to organise very nice Prizes for the Top 3. The reason that teams tried to play all their games in the last week is because the Captains of the respective teams are just not responsible and if they want to lead Clans and want to Win, then they need to step it up. TF2 can only get better if specific Individuals take up the challenge, motivate their players and show others what TF2 is all about. TF2 has lots of dedicated individuals, most don’t have what it takes to lead a team, some are not as skilled as others, but all of these players deserve to play and teams that cannot field 6 players for clan matches should really think about these guys, because these dedicated players are the ones who want to make the game work but are never given the opportunity.

Operator’s Enemy:

The competition thus far has been fairly fun, and well organized, with good alterations made to the deadlines when problems arise. The two map system works well, and ensures for a longer and funner league night. My team’s focus has really gone up recently, especially since the semi finals are almost upon us. With a good plan and director like Razerfox, we can look forward to seeing many more successful leagues in the near future. I just hope that everyone can participate this time seeing as there are still quite a few players and clans that didn’t play last time. Perhaps this time we could have two divisions, thus allowing the newer teams to have a bit of a fair ground.

With the amount of players in tf2, and the amount of effort, it certainly shouldn’t be looked at as a dead game, this time round we had 12 team sign ups, with all of those teams remaining until the semi finals (correct me if I’m wrong Razerfox). MGO’s should certainly look at TF2 and consider putting some effort into it. Additionally, I think that with the growth the TF2 competitive atmosphere is experiencing, you can almost guarantee that Operator will be participating in the upcoming leagues.
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12 years ago

Yips. 2 Divs will work well. Especially if a few more teams spawn after this competition.

MGO’s need to look at TF2, we just need one of the Major MGO’s to get back into it and then it will force the others to.

N1 _enemy.

12 years ago

Something I thought of to encourage activity:

Award 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss and 0 for a forfeit loss.

12 years ago

yeh something like that shud be implemented. Or maybe a -2, then no team will want to forfeit any games

12 years ago

Should be a very good set of semi finals.
I think I am going to be shouting for sleep to win, Joint’s calling really impressed me and I think they have a chance at taking out @ 🙂

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