TF2CSA 6v6 v2 Extension

Unfortunately the TF2CSA 6v6 v2 Week 4 will have to be extended because of SEACOM Downtime that is affecting most IPS’s on South Africa and many players are affected so they will not be able to play on time as the SEACOM fault resolution may last a minimum of 6-8 days.

After contacting all the captains most of them have agreed to play the matches from Week 4 & Week 5 (4 fixtures) until the Wednesday 21st of July hoping that the SEACOM fault gets fixed next week Monday. If SEACOM fault takes longer to get fixed I will make an announcement if another extension is required.

The matches do not have to be played on match days now, so teams can arrange their matches when they can before the deadline of 21st of July as long as the SEACOM problem gets sorted on time.

I will keep you guys informed on the details of this matter any other info please contact me.

More information on the SEACOM fault at

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