Team Fortress 2 Update

Valve has released the latest TF2 update with of around 260MBs delivering “Crit-a-Cola”, New Map, Balance Tweaks and some other bug fixes. Some of the most interesting are the following:

  • Added new community map cp_freight (Already known by the competitive community though this one is a new version with some changes)
  • Added Crit-a-Cola (the new fan-made item)

Have a look at the new cp_freight and how Crit-a-Cola works on the following link: Update Video & Screenshots

Pyro changes

  • Flamethrower direct damage reduced 20%.
  • Burn duration reduced (10 -> 6 seconds).
  • Airblast re-fire delay reduced by 25%.
  • Airblast ammo usage reduced by 20%.
  • All reflected rockets/grenades/arrows now mini-crit.
  • Airblasting enemies into environmental deaths now awards the death credit to the Pyro.

Well it seems like that the Pyro power has been nerfed but (All reflected rockets/grenades/arrows now mini-crit) is really gonna bring some new tactics for the Proro’s!

Check the full list of the TF2 update on the following link: TF2 Update

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