Short Demoman Guide

Playing demoman

Bit of a low pull article I’m writing here, seeing as we have so few demomen in this country, but I thought it’d be helpful if we had an article that pertained exclusively towards demomen.

One of the first and foremost skills with demoman is correctly using your stickies. While many demos nowadays proclaim that their pipes rox0rz, I can quite honestly say that the amount of situations you win with pipes, about 80% of them, you could’ve won using stickies.

They’re such a versatile weapon – simply because you determine when to blow. Thus the method in which you aim can be fluid. Because you determine how long it takes before they blow. The fact that they curve also helps their versatility in regards to the angle of the enemy. For instance, an enemy on a level higher than you, can be attacked in such a manner that he cannot attack you back. If you don’t understand that one, then you should just be playing more with your stickies.

Remember that supporting with your stickies is the most helpful thing one can do, for instance; do you see a friendly soldier shooting a scout, or even, 2 other soldiers? Airblasting a couple of stickies between them can mean the difference between winning and losing the battle. While it’s obvious that you should always be helping team-mates, no matter what class they are, demoman is unique in regards to the fact that he can severely limit the movement of the enemies, perhaps by throwing a few stickies down under their feet, or even just rolling some pipes towards them on the floor. It means that he can indirectly fight the enemy, and be more help than he would be fighting directly.

And obviously trapping is important too, but seriously, trapping is just about creativity and patience.

Your pipes aren’t useless either; when you’re in a situation and you have to make a kill fast – for instance, if something’s attacking your medic, or if you’re out of stickies, or if a scout rushes you – there are instances where your pipes can be really helpful. But they require experience with the weapon. Pipes are a fickle weapon to master, because no matter how good you are with them, you’ll never be 100% consistent. They demand the ability to miss an easy shot and walk away smiling, from the player. Things you can look out for when shooting pipes:
-Big groups of players, always easier to 2 people standing next to each other.
-Someone who jumps way too much. Just wait for the jump, do a slight flick in the jump direction, and fire.
-Slow moving classes like heavies.
-Enemies that are unaware. When playing with your pipes, it’s always better to know that the guy isn’t actively dodging them, this makes shooting a helluva lot easier.

Pipes are also an effective spam tool. There are three ways to spam pipes.
-Overhead, when you fire them really high, and they explode above the enemy’s head.
-Normal, when you fire them so that they land next to your enemies, and then blow up.
-Short range, when you fire them at the ground in front of you – angled in such a way that they roll towards your enemy’s.

Pipe spam works really well with rocket spam. Common instances where pipe spam is beautifully effective:
-Granary / badlands middle point
-Badlands: from small choke to concrete bridge
-Granary: From one of the doorways on last, onto last point

Also, one of the most annoying things I see is when demos automatically take out their bottles to kill scouts. If you’re going to do that just pull out your stickies, they’re more effective, and they don’t have a 90% track record of getting you killed.

This article was just a skimmer on the weapon usage. I can write more if enough demos are interested, or I can give talk to you one on one in mumble. Just message me in IRC, or STEAM and we can have a chat.

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KunG Fu
11 years ago

“seeing as we have so few demomen in this country”

Yea that is so true, thank you for the informative article. I will be happy to learn more about the class, seeing that my main class was always soldier and I only recently swapped to demoman coz of the lack in demoman in SA.

11 years ago

Nice article. I would also like to hear more please.

11 years ago

Nice post.

I think this is not only meant for players that want to learn/become demomen, but also our current ones.

11 years ago


11 years ago

Nice one.

11 years ago

I think a very important point to add is that, while utilising Stickies correctly is very important, being equally proficient and consistent with all the Demoman’s weapons is the key to being a successful Demoman player.

A big mistake I see a lot of Demoman players make (even on the highest levels of professional/competitive play) is over-using either Grenades or Stickies in any given situation. The reason players do this is because of the long reload time on both weapons; encouraging players to spam all their ammo from one weapon before switching to the other, or just not bothering to switch weapons, and opting to wait and reload the same weapon they had out at the time.

Now, obviously in some situations, this would be a good idea to do, especially when spamming the enemy team with heavy fire in a short space of time (and that is the Demoman’s strength), but it’s not optimal in almost any other situation.

Mastering the Demoman is simply a case of mastering the use of both Stickies and Grenades, and being able to utilise them effectively in any situation; ESPECIALLY in situations where they are effective, and even utilising Grenades where you should be using Stickies, and vice versa. This aids to your versatility as a Demoman.

The way to do this is get into the habit of switching between weapons, on a consistent basis, and not falling into the reloading-the-wrong-weapon-at-the-wrong-time trap.

Master the ability to combine the usage of both weapons together, and maximise their strengths, while eliminating their weaknesses.

A good way to practise this is messing around on tr_rocket_shooting2, or getting on DM or public servers and ONLY using Grenades or Stickies, and forcing yourself to learn the strengths and weaknesses of both weapons, and then finally learning how to combine the usage of both weapons to form an unstoppable force of damage-output and destruction.

11 years ago

Awesome article Enemy. I also recently moved over into the demo role and is enjoying it a lot. Every bit of information like this helps a lot and I look forward to maybe seeing a follow up article! ROAR!!!!

11 years ago


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