Masters Wins One Nighter’s Cup!

Last night the 16Bit TF One Nighter’s Cup took place and all 8 teams started and played their respective matches successfully right after 7pm as assigned by the tournament admin.

Round 1

  • Masters beat pcZ2 5 – 0
  • Rocket Guys beat fags 5 – 2
  • iMg beat pcZ 6 – 1
  • oneNight beat Fury 6 – 1

Round 2

  • oneNight beat iMg 5 – 0
  • Masters beat Rocket Guys 5 – 0

Basically Masters cruised on this cup after winning on the first 2 rounds 5 – 0 vs pcZ2 and Rocket Guys.

And on the finals oneNight team seemed to have an answer for them when at the first map Badlands there was a trade of winning rounds and at some stage it was a 3-3 but from there Masters manage to outperform their rivals managing to get 5 rounds in a row to end the map 8 – 3. At Freight things did not start that smoothly for oneNight and just after few minutes they were down 3 – 0 even though they managed to push Masters to last point a couple of times they could not cap the point successfully and Masters kept the control of the match to get anther 2 rounds to win the map and the finals to become the 16Bit TF One Nighter’s Cup champions.

Congratulations to Masters!

Thanks to Lolita for organizing the event and thanks to Skillbill for taking the task to shoutcast the event, it was very well done and we can look forward to see more of these cups taking place.

Keep an eye for the next edition of this Cup that will take place on the 7th of August and see if Masters can defend their tittle.

For more information about this Cup check it out 16Bit TF One Night Cup facebook group and you can also join their Steam Group.


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11 years ago

Well done guys! Really great to see some TF2 matches going big! BO3 was a bit of quick match change but every one did great 🙂

Let’s keep it going.

11 years ago

Shot to the 2 Lol chicks who made this happen, Lolita and Lola.

Looking forward to the next.

11 years ago

rofl Wikus, thanks to every1 that jammed, especially the new guys who had to play the Masters, wd to you

11 years ago

Was good fun. thanks for organising and wd to all that participated and made it a fun event

KunG Fu
11 years ago

Yea agreed, thx for organising. Looking forward to the next one. GG & WP Masters! 🙂

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