Here we go again

A new year a fresh start right? well that’s what we usually do as like every year it seems like there is no improvement and our competitive community always fades away and we need to start from scratch. So let’s get to it…

Before we head to make plans and drafting ideas to make them happen I really feel like you need to read this’s-odyssey/ unless you already did. And you will see that TF2 has the same issues worldwide but in SA is a bit worst because of the lower player base of course.

After you read that you might share the sad feeling as I did that our loved game days of glory will not go any further than short bursts of high activity and good vibes with promising future, all that to slip through your fingers like sand without any hope of extending that promising future, so keep holding that sand clock and turn it now and then to blind ourselves about the ugly true and keep playing like nothing happens.

I would like to show you a comment from Byte on that post:

This article you have typed up James is how I’ve been feeling for well over 2 years, and there isn’t anyone here who can’t deny what Admirable has said is true.

All we have to do is look at how when Admirable left for what 4/5months? and no articles got written and Cadred decided not to cover TF2 anymore, all because no other fudgenut could be assed to put in the time and write some articles about what’s going on in the scene? Whether you think losing Cadred is a loss or not is irrelevant.

Instead we have peons able to write 1000word essays on ETF2L or people doing troll posts x 1000 which is the same amount as a worthy article.

I myself am reaching a point where I don’t have enough time in my life to do as much as I could do before for the TF2 community and I would really hope or wish that someone or some people could step up to the plate and put the time in.

I applaud people like Skyride, Torden, Admirable, Comedian and others who have the tolerance to do the work and despite the backchat and criticism they get least they actually do the work and provide something for the community. Without just those 4 people alone I mentioned 60% of the stuff you see in this community would not exist (yes 60% or more tbh). I won’t go more into stroking their ego’s but credit where it’s due, time moves on and so will they as will I.

It’s about time some of you bum’s out there who have spare time on your hands do something to keep TF2 going. Whether it’s design/functionality/teaching/a service. Just something useful that new comers will think wow this is a really good tool.

As for “TF2 is dead” Syndrome, happens every winter and yawn tbh, TF2 was dead BEFORE it was even born. Valve killed what Team Fortress is all about when they made it into a slower and cartoonish based game. Do we love TF2? Hell yes we do, is this community able to accept that it’s nothing like SC2 ? or cs 1.6? No 50% of us aren’t.

Best thing we can do is support it play the game you love and enjoy it, if you’re not enjoying it then leave no one is stopping you, as Randa said, those who play competitively and retire rarely ever leave TF2.

“The game is not dying it’s unborn play it while it’s encapsulated in some nourishment (from key figures) before the miscarriage occurs”



So tell me do you feel on the same way? the lack of support from community, the lack of mutual help and so on…

Best thing we can do is support it, play the game you love and enjoy it, if you’re not enjoying it then leave no one is stopping you, as Randa said, those who play competitively and retire rarely ever leave TF2.

This is just what everyone must do if you really give a damm about the game.

TF2 Drama

Why so mad? Just chill...

Anyways we can still make things happen peeps so just play! Have fun!

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10 years ago

What would the TF communities do without the ‘Foxies’ and the ‘Admirable’s’…

Lesgo Fox, with you m8

10 years ago

I’m willing to help out to keep out game going. More than wiling to play!

10 years ago

I have only very recently got into the more competitive side of TF2, and I have found the SA TF2 community to be very helpful.
So many people with competitive experience have been eager to help me, and I’ve really appreciated it.
Without all the really helpful posts here and in the forums on the other TF2 sites in SA, I would still just be playing pubs and not knowing anything about the competitive rules or how to join pick ups.
One thing I think should be more readily available is the guide and rules for pick ups, for those new, or not so new, to TF2, but interested in getting more into the competitive side.

10 years ago

Good luck guys. You certainly deserve some returns on all the time and effort you have invested over the years 🙂

10 years ago

It’s a it’s a TURKISH, ’bout some delight?

Zoid, the pickup info is on site, search around, might be under Tutorials

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