Freshness of TF2 being Free

TF2 Free to Play

Despite the many misgivings people have, this will surely bring a wealth of brand new players to the game, injecting some much needed fresh blood into both competitive and public play alike.

Read on to find out more on getting the most out of your TF2 experience!

So who will win?

So who will win?

Maximise your FPS

First of all, you’ve got to be prepared to tweak TF2 a bit,

especially if you’re not running a great computer setup. However, for those of

us who aren’t technically minded, the lovely Chris has built an entire set of

configs, with great instructions, that will get you enjoying the game with the

minimum of fuss, and the maximum of FPS. You can find these configs over at: [Link] – but please

make sure you follow the instructions carefully.


Competitive Play

Although TF2 has struggled with competitive play, and whilst

there are people that feel the need to constantly complain about the state of

competitive TF2, the majority of players still play and are keen on this game

reaching the player base wanted. The map pools are varied and clans can choose

pretty much any competitive map. It is relatively easy to get into playing

competitively, with the recruitment function on top of the website, and we also

have steam group for players seeking a clan but do not know the means to [link]. Even creating your

own team is relatively painless, as long as you know 5 other players!

Some great resources to get into competitive play can be

found on this website. If you have any questions just start a thread on the

forums, also previous posts by Kung Fu will help, just have look [link] and [link].

Finally, if you want to jump straight into learning to play

competitively, join the IRC channel, !add to a pickup and play!


Custom Huds

While the default HUD is pretty nice, there are alternatives

out there – there is a thread here that covers most of them, but to single out

a few of the more commonly used ones – broeselhud, Community HUD, PVHud, gmang

Hud, M0reHUD. These are all used to a certain extent by the community as a

whole. Here is a [Link] to all the possible huds out there.


Frag Videos

If you needed more persuasion to download and install a free

game, there is a huge selection of videos showcasing the game available.

Some of the best(Europe league):

LAN Trilogy – by far and away one of the most epic TF2

movies, featuring frags and action from insomnia 40, one of the largest UK LANs. [Link]

7 brothers who aren’t brothers – widely accepted by many as

the definitive TF2 frag video, this contains footage from one of the longest

running teams (now defunct), broder.


Auto Aim – A great sniping video by one of the best snipers

in TF2, Jh. [Link]

Some local vids:

Kaboos’s pugstar(s) vol1

Headshot’s Wreckless Video [link]

Goldfox’s – The vestige [Link]


There is more to choose from so just have a look under the


Some information and ideas taken from a post by Trell/Darn.

Have fun and lets play some TF2!!


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11 years ago

Shot man good stuff 🙂

11 years ago

Good article is good

11 years ago

n1 Fair, good to see some players posting stuff on our local website. 🙂

KunG Fu
11 years ago


Well done! Let’s get the ball rolling!! Everyone get involved! 🙂

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