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Soldier Competition Update

We are four days away from closing the entries for the miNt Equilibrium Soldier Competition and there are only 7 spots remaining.  Lots of entries have come in the last week or so, one of the big names being the Current Soldier Competition Champion, “Groen”, who has not played TF2 for the last 4 months …

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BOTC v2 TF2 Competition

Introduction to the Team Fortress 2 BOTC tournament series In February 2009, Battle of the Clans held their first ever Team Fortress 2 tournament, which turned out to be a huge success. For TF2 BOTCv2 we plan to build on what we learnt in the first edition, and improve on all aspects of the event. …

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miNT Equilibrium TF2 1v1 Soldier Competition

1v1 Soldier Competition: General Information The miNt Gaming Organization has teamed up with Equilibrium TF2 with the support from IS Gaming are hosting an online 1v1 Soldier Competition allowing TF2 Players to demonstrate their skill, showcasing South Africa’s individual talent and ultimately sorting the best from the rest. The Tournament will be held over a …

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