BOTC v2 TF2 Competition

Introduction to the Team Fortress 2 BOTC tournament series

In February 2009, Battle of the Clans held their first ever Team Fortress 2 tournament, which turned out to be a huge success. For TF2 BOTCv2 we plan to build on what we learnt in the first edition, and improve on all aspects of the event. Like in the past with our other tournaments such as COD4 BOTC v1, we will use this tournament to gain experience in hosting Team Fortress 2 tournaments, and due to this we will not be asking an entrance fee, or hand out prizes. Even though this events purpose is to gain experience, we will still be going all out in order to prepair ourselves for the future with maximum effect.

Competition format

The tournaments will be split into two stages. Stage one is also known as Group stage, or Round Robin. In stage one teams are divided into seeded groups, each team will play all the teams in their group for points. The top teams in each group will then advance to stage two. Stage two, also known as Double elimination is where the magic happens. The top teams in each group are placed into a knock out type bracket, a lot like the knock out stages seen in the Rugby and Soccer World cups. The teams must then play all the teams in their path until they reach the finals. Teams are knocked out after losing two matches during stage 2.


  • High quality and well run tournaments run by our experienced admin team made up of well known community members.
  • Low latency servers – Sponsored by SGS and AGASA.
  • Commentary and IRC score-bots run by Shoutcentral.
  • In depth news and interviews about the teams and events written by members of the Team Fortress 2 community, promising an exciting atmosphere for all players taking part in the tournament.
  • An exciting and action packed tournament!
  • Well thought out scheduling of matches in order to make it easier for teams to take part in more than one competition at a time.

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