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Latest TF2 Update Finally Tries To Solve The Spam Hacking Bots Problem

On this past 16th of June Valve released an update for TF2 to try solve the spam hacking bots that keep joining matches on Valve Servers with racist names/text chat and abusive noises. These bots can join the match and clone your nickname also, and when you try vote kick it, it disconnects itself so …

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TF2CSA Foundry Cup Registrations Open


Well it’s time to warm-up for 6v6 action peeps so let’s get started with a cup. This short tournament will take place from 19th of February until 26th of February and it will be played on a single map Cp Foundry to test it in the local scene and hopefully get some feedback on it from the …

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CommFT’s TF2 Moments of Glory #149 Geno

Geno's Moment of Glory

Yay another South African player Geno makes it at CommFT Moments of Glory check it out:  

Here we go again

TF2 Drama

A new year a fresh start right? well that’s what we usually do as like every year it seems like there is no improvement and our competitive community always fades away and we need to start from scratch. So let’s get to it…

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