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Oct 02 2011

ETF2L : Week 2


Week 2 is about to be kicked of with some interesting games that are going to take place. On paper, the games should be very close, but seeing what can happen in this game, i’m rather going to watch and enjoy the games. With some teams changing their roster, and a team folding. I won’t …

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Sep 29 2011

ETF2L Premiership: Infused.Tt vs. CKRAS


Week 1 of ETF2L has already kicked off, with only one premiership team actually scheduling their game in this week (which apparently is a first) for tonight. Like I stated before I will write short articles (mostly stealing) about the premiership teams playing in the Europe. This game will be casted by TCM’s finest Byte and Admirable –  who …

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Sep 23 2011

Ask Fish – Calling Guide Part 2 (Advanced Calling)

After a great first part of Fish’s Calling Guide he has released the 2nd part of his calling guide and this one has a lot of great information with advanced techniques that you must definitely read. Get this stuff in your head mate! Check it out:

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Sep 15 2011

Ask Fish – Calling Guide ( No Not our Fish)

Feeling a bit shaky or daunted by calling in game? Not sure when or how to push up, hold or even retreat? To help those teams and their leaders clarify this arcane art Fish, a British TF2 player with extensive compeitive knowledge and whom plays for VitalGaming ( yep not our own Fish aka Yaeger) has …

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