ETF2L Premiership: Infused.Tt vs. CKRAS

Week 1 of ETF2L has already kicked off, with only one premiership team actually scheduling their game in this week (which apparently is a first) for tonight.

Like I stated before I will write short articles (mostly stealing) about the premiership teams playing in the Europe. This game will be casted by TCM’s finest Byte and Admirable –  who pledged to write one TF2 article everyday on the premier e-sports coverage website known as Cadred. You can find his latest article here.

Cropped straight from VanillaTF2

Note – It is played at 21:15 est. This is the same time as SA but they normally start 15min later, this is TF2 , we all are late.

If you choose to watch the game through TF2. You will need Mumble. Or you can choose to watch the game through a live stream, if you are to lazy to “direct” the camera yourself.

Cast’s mumble–>VanillaTV Mumble

Live stream–>VanillaTV Livestream

STV–>    *Joining the STV – Open console -> type connect STV*

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10 years ago

Yooo 2-0 quite but tight

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