Oct 20 2011

Highlander v2 Kick’s Off

The TF2CSA Highlander v2 edition is ready to go with 8 teams registered and some interesting teams have come up and seems like it will be very challenging for all the players to show their pub hero skills and teamwork for 9v9 gameplay.

Let’s have a look at the teams registered for the competition:

  • mC (Masters and the Chicks)

Bubbles – KomboKitten – Lola – Scorpie –  Serpent – Goldfox – RazerFox – Warhammy – Jackal

  • Krad’s Minions

Whisp –  Delux – Deformiter – Kradenko – Xolox – Skeletor – Pacifist – Fish – Skillpig – Silencer – Aesir

  • pcZ

UltiXorz – PointBlank – Phenix – Peng – Inhuman – GoldenPantsMan – PorcoRosso – Moshpit – EvilBelgian – Arn3 – Pimp Juice – Zephon

  • 9RB (9RuthlessBastards)

FreaKing – Whoopee – Little-Mermaid – Killroy – Sonic Rainboom – theoxygenthief – Demolisher –  Acidman – Mojo

  • [Un]Rivaled

Staalklip – waytooblazed – forgetful – iamdisapoint – stoned – fernando – hurley – koopa -soliton – Executioner – Lover

  • Autobots

Russ – Praxis – Draken – Tyelander – TheVovo – Wikus – Anthem – GrimAndy – Geno

  • UFO (Unbelieveable Friendly Outsiders)

Acrobat – Alien – Baron – Carty – Elapid – LikaLota.. – Seamonkey – Semper – Spoon – Splat

  • [BB] – Biltong Buddies
Kung Fu – Heckers – Space – Desert Duck – Fair – Cromat – Andy – X – Da Pastry – Pooman
[table id=137 /]
[table id=138 /]
**Direct results between teams will be used in case of a tie in the groups.**
[table id=139 /]
[table id=140 /]
**Servers password is: tf2csa**
Upward to be played BO1 Best of 1 round
Viadcut to be played as first to 4 
Turbine to be played as first to 5 
Note: Keep in mind that to choose team Red or Blue a heavy fist fight will be required. And golden capture might be required for Viaduct and Turbine in case the map ends tied.

The top team of each group will meet at the finals next Sunday 30th Octoberwhere they will have to play on BO3 (Best of 3 Maps) from the map pool, each team will pick a map of their choice and if a 3rd decider map is required heavy’s will have to fist fight (no gloves) and the winner will pick the map from the maps left in the map pool.

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  1. Razerfox

    Teams can still tweak their rosters until Saturday night.

    Good luck have fun peeps.

    Any questions or doubts just hit them here :)

  2. theoxygenthief


    Can’t wait.

    What are the rules about subs? none allowed?

    1. Razerfox


      *2 default subs allowed up to 3 if opponent agrees

  3. FreaKing

    Looks good, but one thing that was brought to my attention is in the group b fixtures, 9RB has a typo. 😛

    Other thing, I was wondering about server allocations, or is it a first come policy? Like just grab the first one available.

    1. Razerfox

      Shot mate sorry about that fixed now :)

      I’m just gonna confirm the 4th server later on but i guess I could assign the servers for everyone. Basically we gonna use the current 3 match servers and one of the pickups for the compt.

      1. FreaKing

        Looking for the post on the server allocations and not finding it. Help?

        1. Razerfox

          Ok I added servers to the fixture tables basically Group A will be using Highlander 1 & 2 servers and Group B 3 & 4.

  4. TheVovo

    Looking forward to it :)

  5. Lola

    ty for all the ‘brainstorming’ Foxy lady

  6. Fair

    Dont know why we are called Biltong Buddies. Since we all know and love EMMA WATSON, we should be called that.

    Space will agree <3 , dont care about the rest.

    1. Space

      I echo the above sentiments tbh

    2. Razerfox


  7. Whisp


  8. Duck

    Do you think its possible if we could set up the servers with recording enabled. Very keen on making a montage video of this Highlander comp.

    1. Razerfox

      The matches will be auto-recorded on stv np’s

      1. Duck

        Great :)

    2. Fair

      Duck knows he is going to get a 9 kill streak.

      And I’ll be so proud ;_;

  9. Lola

    How abt some1 make a frag vid or somefin on last Face Off comp

  10. Razerfox

    mC vs [UnR] – Upward – mC Wins

  11. waytooblazed

    [UnR] vs pcZ – [UnR] wins

  12. Lola

    Thanks to all, was great fun

    BIG ^5 to UFO for winning B side 😀

  13. LikaLota

    Thank you for the great idea, and the organisation.

    Well played to all.

    Good luck for the finals.

  14. FreaKing

    Thanks to everyone that made this happen. We had fun although we did not give much of a challenge. 😛

    The guys in 9RB would definitely like to have another shot at it. Never say die! 😀

    Good luck to the rest. May the best team win.

  15. TheVovo

    Was good fun. Thanks to all involved! :)

  16. Lola

    We thinking of once per month, was great fun, 1 thing tho, I recon Desertduck and his bow should be banned 😛

    1. Fair

      We are considering making him pocket. Just thought you should know.

      1. Lola


        1. KunG Fu

          Yep, it is final. After a 1hour vote session, just keep in mind most of this hour was spend taking about EMMA WATSON, it has been decided that Duck will pocket with his bow.

          1. Lola

            So like, where was the person who would be tied to said ‘pocket’ in game, mmm, was she in the blue kitchen ubering? I don’t see her vote on this 😐 Would he sing for her the way her previous pocket did? Get your priorities sorted, I want singing or ‘no to bow.’ 😉

  17. KunG Fu

    Well played to all the teams, thanks to everyone for making this happen.

    AmpT for the finals!!! :)

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