TF2CSA Highlander v2 Registrations Open

TF2 Highlander 9v9

Welcome to Highlanders times!

We would like to announce that registrations are open for the Highlander v2 competition to display you pub hero skills at full force. Those who know about it will tell you that its really fun as the pub style of gameplay gets more organised and therefore you can enjoy TF2 as it’s best with all the classes involved and with any type of maps.

If you don’t know what  “Highlander” means it’s a gamemode where there can only be one (of each class ) so will be 9vs9 where Red and Blue teams will have one scout, one soldier, one pyro, one demoman, one heavy, one engineer, one medic, one sniper and one spy. You could say this type of gameplay is the the gap between pub gameplay and the standard 6vs6 competitive style. Check the video below:

For those who remember lasts year’s Highlander tournament enemy’s team won the competition after remaining unbeaten and hopefully we could see him once again with a team to defend his title.

The competition will consist of a group stage where depending on the numbers of teams registered we will find out how many groups will be required and if there are only 2 groups then the top teams will qualify to the finals or if there are 4 groups then playoffs will take place between the best team of each group (A vs D – B vs C).

  • Registrations Close Wednesday 19th October 11pm
  • Kick Off Thursday 20th October
  • Final Sunday 30th October
Note: We might extend the registrations and the whole competition if required and if teams wish to play on Sundays only and not during weekdays as well.
Rules for 9v9 gameplay:   Highlander Rules

Note: Full clans will be able to join in a team as there is no rule against team mates limit or stacking from competitive players.

Map Pool:

  • Upward
  • Viaduct
  • Turbine
  • Granary
  • Gravelpit

How to register:

  • To register for the competition team leaders must just email with the roster (up to 12) and team name.
  • If you are a lonely player that would like to be available for a team just post at the forum (Players looking to join Highlander team) that you are keen to play for a highlander team, which classes you are able to play and nick (if different from Steam/IRC).

Please join the TF2CSA Steam Group to make it easier to reach players or team leaders that are not in your friends lists and if you do not have any idea how to join the #tf2 on IRC Shadowfire you can find out Here

More information to follow as soon as registrations are closed.

If you have any questions or suggestions hit them below.

Teams Registered

  • mC (Masters and the Chicks)

Bubbles – KomboKitten – Lola – Scorpie – Kittykat – Serpent – Goldfox – RazerFox – Warhammy

  • Krad’s Minions

Whisp –  Delux – Deformiter – Kradenko – Xolox – Skeletor – Pacifist – Fish – Skillpig – Silencer – Aesir

  • pcZ

UltiXorz – PointBlank – Phenix – Peng – Inhuman – GoldenPantsMan – PorcoRosso – Moshpit – EvilBelgian – Arn3 – Pimp Juice

  • 9RB (9RuthlessBastards)

FreaKing – Whoopee – Little-Mermaid – Killroy – Sonic Rainboom – theoxygenthief – Demolisher –  Acidman – Mojo

  • [Un]Rivaled

Staalklip – waytooblazed – forgetful – iamdisapoint – stoned – fernando – hurley – koopa -soliton – Executioner – Lover

  • Autobots

Russ – Praxis – Draken – Tyelander – TheVovo – Wikus – Anthem – GrimAndy – Geno

  • UFO (Unbelieveable Friendly Outsiders)

Likalota – Acrobat – Alien – Splat – Seamonkey – Carty – Baron – Elapid

  • [BB] – Biltong Buddies
Kung Fu – Heckers – Space – Desert Duck – Fair – Cromat – Andy


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  1. Keen to jam. Who wants meh? 😀

    P.S I see you added an edit button. <3

    1. KKNP must play! We’ll speak to russ tonight! If not we make a team for the tourny 😀

      1. spoke to him already, we gna work on one. Will obv need a few more

  2. Also looking for team ^.^

    1. Post here mate which class you keen to play

  3. Razer, are the 6v6 clans allowed to enter themselves (ofcourse just as highlander teams) or do we need to form totally new teams/clans/whatever for this?

    1. You can enter in any way u wanna 🙂

      1. Thats what she said … <3

        1. 😀

            • Avatar
            • Lola on Oct 14, 2011 at 10:28 pm

            ofc u would notice this :S

  4. why do we have to make it so late on a sunday , people have to go to school and work , make it start on friday and end sunday , or some thing 😛

  5. Hey people lets talk about match days and schedule. Would you prefer to play on Sundays only or weekdays as well?

    Keep in mind that 1 match consists of 1 map so thats about 30minutes +/- so if a group has 4 teams you going to play 3 matches in 9 days as the 10th day its the Sunday when the finals take place.

    Let me know if you think it’s to tight.

    1. Definitely open the games to be played on everyday of the week. Teams can organize their own games for what suits them best.
      I think the best would be to allow maybe or week or 2 for the group stages then another week. Or possibly just on a Sunday for the knockout rounds.
      Obviously all depending on the amount of entries.

      I definitely think 2 cut off dates should be used. 1 for group stages. Then 1 for the final. Remember we want to try make this as accesible as possible to new players, lets give them plenty of time to complete their games.

      We should see about getting this tourny plugged on a few local news sites. DGL/mint/bvd/ventus/egame etc…

  6. People have lives on a Friday/Saturday 😀

    1. Yeh, 100% of the time.


  7. great stuff!


  8. Lolita will u be rocket jumpin or anything jumping for that matter in this comp?

    I agree with Whisp, Frid/Sat is not good.

  9. I’m keen for this, although must agree Friday/Saturday is not a good time.

  10. 3 teams registered so far:

    mC – IS admins – pcZ

  11. I’m way too drunk on Fridays and Saturdays to play 🙁 Also sometimes Mondays/Wednesdays/Thursdays and Sundays…

    So Tuesdays are good 😀

    1. AA can help you with that mAndy 😛 I found coffee the next day does wonders…

      1. All I have to say to you is ‘pole’


    2. i <3 GrimAndy! haha I lol'ed

  12. O yeah, we have some pretty strong teams there with some great individual skill. Warhammy as a spy = deadly, Xolox on anything that looks like a pole, Serpent = dabest soldier…etc etc. looking forward!

    1. hahahaha Arn3 ^5

  13. Ok peeps most likely we gonna have 8 teams so that would be 2 groups of 4. Then each team will have to play each other once. Each match consist of 1 map and then the top teams of each group will meet in the finals.

    Fixtures and map to be played will be fixed and most likely this Sunday all the group fixtures will be played. Next Sunday then would be the finals.

  14. Umm, question: I have been having a problem with tf2 of late. It keeps crashing on me. In fact, I can’t play a single round on a pub server. Plus I noticed that I am not alone in this dilemma.

    So, I was wondering how this would affect this tourny/comp/games, as I doubt that Valve will be able to release a fix for this before this weekend.

  15. It seems to be fixed after this mornings update for most people.

  16. I was still crashing after that update. Although i noticed another update this morning.

    If there are MASS crashes like there has been, I saw the game continues as normal and people fight it out with half the team.

    If one person crashes, I would like to propose pausing at the beginning of rounds only.

  17. You can pause at any time during a game, as long as the other teams is notified.

  18. Yeah, I received an update this morning, and it seems to have sorted out my problem. So, it should not be an issue any more.

  19. was lank sad last night, crash to desktop many times :<

  20. just wana make sure cause my game crashed a lot this week too….do these crashes just involve game crashes, cause my tf2 made my pc chrash more than ever this week :/ just my pc? damn proly!

  21. sigh, seems like tf2 was teasing me and this mornings update did work. Why Valve, why?????

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