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If you would like to improve your game and join the competitive side of TF2 please follow this guide step by step.

Aug 15 2011

MGE/ESEA Comp Guide: An Introduction to the Medic

by Torin “Sigma” Stepan The medic is the core of every 6v6 TF2 team. In the standard 6v6 format, each team is limited to one medic, and each team will use that medic constantly throughout the entire game on every map. Your team’s medic is the cornerstone of your ability to control the pace of …

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Jul 25 2011

MGE/ESEA Guide to Competitive TF2. Part 1

Check out the youtube video done by the team at My Gaming Edge, this is just the general race to mid on badlands and at the end of the video has each class POV so you can see exactly what each of them do to get to middle as quick as possible  

Jul 15 2011

eXtv: Intro to Competitive TF2

This is an informative video for players that want to get into the competitive scene and learn about the basics. This video was made by Extine who is the founder of eXtv which does a lot of shoutcasting for TF2 and other games. This video is not only for “new” players but also existing players …

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Jul 04 2011

Competitive TF2 training sessions for new players

So you set up yourself a Steam account a couple of days ago, downloaded Team Fortress 2 and got stuck into some public play. By now you should be familiar with the bare basics of the game, such as the different abilities and weapons that each class has. You enjoy the game immensely, but you …

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Sep 07 2010

How to be credit to team

YOU! Yes, you! You want to be credit to team? I don’t just mean build teleport for me and fellow comrade.  I mean real credit to team. Yes? Then read. Being credit to team is not possible by just shooting bullet and standing on point, stupid. Is much more than that. I have list of …

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