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Jan 08 2013

TF2CSA Update for January 2013

Hey everyone. Happy New Year, glad to see you all survived the end of the world. I thought I’d just give an update to everyone on what’s happening in the competitive scene, for anyone interested. Basically, our scene is struggling at the moment, however the mixes over this festive season have been quite frequent. A …

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Mar 16 2012

TF2Mixup – The TF2 Celeb and Fan Mix-Up is Here!


“Possibly the biggest thing to happen in Team Fortress 2′s history since the game went free to play,” – KritzKast We are calling on all TF2 fanboys and girls, actually, scrap that, we calling on everyone that has a purse to support this charitable TF2 event. Your donation will be used to improve the lives …

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Feb 28 2012

KritzKast Lo-Fi Offclass Cup (KLOC)

After a successful Ultiduo this month 16Bit TF are now aiming to bring the KritzKast Lo-Fi Offclass Cup to our local community. This tournament has been hosted with incredible results abroad and holds promise of great fun and awesome hats. What is the Lo-Fi Offclass Cup? The Lo-Fi Offclass Cup is a 6v6 cup where …

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Feb 22 2012

16Bit TF Website Launched

16Bit TF is launching their very own website from which to run their competitions. After eight months of successful competitions we are glad to invest even more in the South African TF2 community. Kicking off the launch of this website, we have conducted an interview with KritzKast’s John “Agro” Irwin. Future plans for the website …

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Feb 17 2012

Frags & Affection Shoutcasting

The 16Bit TF “Frags & Affection” Ultiduo finals have been uploaded and ready to watch! Shoutcasted by Lazar “Comedian” Jovic, John “Agro” Irwin and accompanied by Yolanda “Lolita” Green, this competition kicked off 2012 with a bang for South African Fortress . Check out the finals below: Round 1: Badlands VanillaTV [id:64124] Archive… Round 2: …

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