Why is TF2 such a good game?

On Sunday I was just checking some TF2 news (don’t remember where) but then I came across with Why is TF2 such a good game? at Reddit then the user juicyjames made a great reply that remind me “I’m not wasting my time playing this game” (I know lots of players have those kind of thoughts) even though in SA has not been so popular there are plenty guys out there that love playing this game so much (pubbers, casual and competitive players) that at the end what matters is having fun with our friends. So well I decided to post the comment here for you guys to check it out and think about it as well if you have any doubts that you wasting your time playing this game. Check it out:

By juicyjames

Technical Reasons

Enjoyment Reasons

Source: www.reddit.com

Now you tell me don’t you really think that this game is just awesome…?

Yes we have a smaller player base in SA compared to Warfare games but that doesn’t mean the game it’s dead!

Well anyways whoever still plays this game let’s keep having fun guys that’s all I can say.

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11 years ago

Best place to take out my frustrations after work – or get even with that bloody Spy. 8)

11 years ago

Agreed with all the points. TF2 is a nice deep and varied game. I have stopped playing it online because of the crappy pub servers, but I understand playing it competitively is a bit better (have not tried that though).

KunG Fu
11 years ago

TF2 FTW! Too much FuN to handle. 🙂

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