Valve Releases a Massive Holiday Update

Updates to Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Source Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)

  • Improved sv_pure:
    • Materials / Models / Sounds / Animations are more comprehensively protected.
    • Switched from CRC to MD5 hashes for stronger per-file validation.
    • Fixed some issues between custom files and server whitelists over level changes.
  • Added HL2:MP to the list of dedicated server games when starting a server via the Tools tab in the Library

Team Fortress 2

  • Added Medieval Mode, a game mode where players are restricted to using olde weapons.
  • ‘Your Eternal Reward’ changes:
    • Spies can now change their disguise weapon via ‘lastdiguise’ while using ‘Your Eternal Reward’
    • Already-disguised ‘Your Eternal Reward’ Spies are no longer forced to switch to displaying the melee weapon when they make a kill
    • Spies no longer play speech lines when making a kill with ‘Your Eternal Reward’
    • Sentries no longer track ‘Your Eternal Reward’ Spies after they backstab someone
  • ‘Natascha’ changes:
    • Spin-up time increased.
    • Slowdown-on-hit effect is reduced over distance.
  • Added ‘The Medi-eval Medic’, ‘The Hibernating Bear’, and ‘The Expert’s Ordnance’ item sets.
  • Added new weapons: ‘The Claidheamohmor’, ‘The Back Scratcher’, ‘The Boston Basher’, ‘The Fists of Steel’, ‘The Amputator’, ‘The Crusader’s Crossbow’, ‘The Ullapool Caber’, ‘The Loch-n-Load’, ‘The Buffalo Steak Sandvich’, ‘The Brass Beast’, ‘The Warrior’s Spirit’, ‘The Candy Cane’, and ‘The Jag’.
  • Added 20 new hats.
  • Added a prototype item testing map, and associated functionality, for contributors to test their work. Further details in an upcoming blog post.
  • Spies can now see TargetID’s of players and objects regardless of their own disguise status.
  • Fixed some speech lines continuing after the speaker changes class
  • The Spy ‘Sap Auteur’ achievement now increments in cases where the Spy was the assister in the building destruction.
  • Fixed the arrow burning effect getting stuck on if you changed class in a respawn room with your arrow lit.
  • Fixed a Flamethrower bug that allowed players to rapidly fake the Pyro’s airblast effect.
  • Throwing the Jarate or Milk now returns you to your previous weapon, instead of your Primary.
  • Added leaderboard to track duel wins.
  • Added ability for players to donate money directly to the creators of their favorite community maps.
  • Increased backpack size by 100 slots.

Check out the Australian Christmas update here

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11 years ago

Wow…this is just my luck, they release this epic update a day before I leave for 2 whole weeks 🙁

11 years ago

The only thing epic about this update is how un-TF2 it is.

11 years ago

I meant epic as in a huge update that I won’t even be able to explore and really see what they did to the game and yes I know they are moving further and further away from what tf2 was with each new update, but some of us enjoy some of the stupid things they bring out every now and again with these silly updates. Don’t get me wrong I do think they have been going a bit crazy lately with some of the concepts they have, but some days all I need is to just go screw around on a pub server or on a silly map like the halloween stuff etc…the truth is, this is the direction in which they started taking the game if you like it or not. I’m not in the mood to have a big discussion I’m just gonna say, love it or hate it, there are going to be a lot more of these updates and in my opinion its good, cause it gets lots of new people into the game, all be it for the wrong reasons, but I don’t see why people who are serious about the game have to make a big deal about these updates and how it’s “ruining” the game. There is no place for these updates in comp in my opinion, so I don’t see how it will effect comp that much if at all even, so I don’t understand why some people have to go and make a big fuss about it…but whatever…I personally enjoy some of the new stuff…people differ, different likes, dislikes bla bla bla…And I did read your other comment on the problem with the tf2 community and I just want to say, for me personally I do push myself and I am busy trying to push my team to become top tier, but I enjoy tf2 not just for the competitive value it gives me, but for the fun and “silliness” in the game too and I encourage my team to also have fun while improving, but just cause I enjoy that side of the game as well, I now apparently don’t take my own progress seriously…I do agree that there are a lot of people who do use that excuse of “just for fun”, but there always has to be some portion of fun in it for yourself, cause if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, why do it? but whatever, I’m over this conversation…yes the update is un-TF2, but I like it, think what you want…I’m tired, its been a long year for me personally, but now I’ve ranted my rant of retardedness(if that even is a word) and think what you want of me, I just don’t care anymore…To everyone who jams tf2 or who is just part of this awesome community of people I say, enjoy your Christmas and your new years festivities, hope you all have a good time and see you in the new year!

11 years ago

I just realized that because our community tends to be a bit screwed up sometimes, and especially after events of recent months, I can understand that my previous comment will most likely be seen as a personal attack on Joint, which it in no means was. It makes my heart sad that some people will see it that way, but just so there is no misunderstanding. Joint I did not aim my previous comment at you, it was just me being tired of people always complaining that the updates are destroying the game. Which is just so irritating to me, cause it’s just so typical for people to always see the worst in things they don’t like instead of finding good in it and focusing on that. I do apologize if you saw this as a personal attack on you.

11 years ago

No offense taken; it’s usually a good thing to see other people’s view on a controversial topic, especially when only one side of the story is mostly shown.

The reason I feel players like me are critical of these updates is because we’ve played this game for so long and, number one, taken Valve’s continued support and attention for their game for granted and, two, have grown to love and hate certain aspects of the game, and both of those sides continue to grow in opposite directions.

The reason I love the game is because it is so dynamic, yet still perfectly balanced. In fact, it’s probably stretched the dynamic vs balance spectrum so far that the balance of the game is very delicate. So when new game-play content is so readily produced and released, it’s almost non-essential to the core-gameplay, and often times is detrimental.
Even if Valve are still releasing balances for the game and taking a step forward, it still is boggling how quickly they’re releasing new game content that is potentially ruining their balance, and they end up taking two steps back.

Ironically, this update, specifically, has been more beneficial for 6v6 balance than any update in quite a while. And the stuff that has been recently released doesn’t do the game harm, and the “silly stuff” that has been released in the past year has yet to interfere with the core-gameplay. So for that, I’m grateful.

What saddens me is how synthetically cosmetic the game and its players are slowly becoming. Few people marvel at how great this game’s balance really is in 6v6. What I hope is that Valve realise this, and focus their valiant efforts to improve this balance while adding new content to compliment this balance, and realise new players, players that will add real value to this game, will still be enticed to play their game.

I also understand your point about playing the game for fun. Fun, however, is just a very subjective experience, especially in a game like this. While a casual player can consider fun to be the collecting of hats, crafting items and messing around on a public server, what is fun for me is to watch my demos and realise that I’ve improved a certain aspect of my gameplay, or improved as a player in general, be it strategy, skill or co-ordination. I don’t mean to imply that one experience of fun is more worthy than the other, but I do believe they are two very different experiences.

I, personally, used to only play and enjoy public play just for the fun of the game itself, regardless of its cosmetic value, and I still do.
So fear not, I still do play this game for both those different experiences of “fun”, I just particularly enjoy the latter, and hope future updates don’t steer too far from either with this brave new direction that it has taken.

Enjoy your New Year’s, and I’ll see you on the other side.

11 years ago

hmm you raise a few interesting things that I have forgotten, one being the balance that the game has lost somewhat, but I think their slowly trying to regain, just looking at the new tf2 beta they got going, which is always a nice thing to see. I agree with you on most things. I also enjoy the fact that tf2 seems to become more divers, but in a good way and that different people can find completely opposite things to enjoy in the game! Also the whole thing about fun is, you hit it on the nail now and I might have not got what I wanted to say across successfully. but basically I agree with you and what I just meant was that people find different things fun, but using the fun thing as an excuse for the 1 or 2 moments when suddenly you aren’t playing as well or improving as much as you can or should be, is something that I think a lot of players have and is part of the mentality that holds some of them back from improving to a certain extent. But tf2 will always stay fun 😀 hehe

Anywho to end off, im packing up my pc 🙁 gonna be so bored without internet 😛 once again have a good one! Cheerios 🙂

11 years ago


11 years ago

The problem with these updates is that it splits the pub community and competitive community even more.

When I first started playing pickups the pub play was very similar to pickup play, yes I’m going to say it pub play back then actually had some tactics and worthwhile speaking.

That, I think is why it was so easy to move from pub to pickups. Nowadays the pubs are so different from the competitive side I think some people see it as not the same game. I think they see pubs with all these different weapons and then pickup’s as very bland. There’s almost no similarity’s between pubs and pickups anymore and this may be one reason some pubbers “fear” or ignore competitive tf2.

This is why I personally don’t like so many updates, yes it’s awesome to see Valve supporting this game, but seriously the split between pubs and pickups is just going to get bigger as they get more weapons and maps and we cut out more weapons and maps.(which is not a bad thing)

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