Update on the Soldier Competition.

Hey guys we just wanted to give you a quick update on the registration for the miNt & Equilibrium TF2 Soldier Rebirth Competition. It seems like is doing quite well with 34 players already registered and some of the top soldiers in SA are already there (anthem, WaRh4mmy, Serpent, xMATTtx) just name a few.

And to be honest this is looking to be very promising and entertained as the top guys will have to prove themselves against the emerging talent that are performing very well on the clannies and pickups that we have been playing so far. The interesting part now is to see how they do on the 1vs1 situations, maybe we’ll see some surprises or not at all.

Well let’s get ready guys because as soon as the BOTC TF2 tournament finishes we’ll be posting the schedule for the fixtures to get started, so with a limit of 50 players for this competition only 16 spots left and seems like will be closing very soon. Register Here

Hurry up and let’s have some fun!!!

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12 years ago

Wish i could join this time around. Last time (pantheon v.) was great fun.
Enjoy people.

12 years ago

i entered again. Considering I last played in May, and that i had 1 or 2 games since then i might have a chance… :p

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