The state of the competitive community

It was just over one year ago that the last TF2 soldier competition was held, at the time there were a lot of decent soldiers and a few top soldiers, the gap was rather big in terms of solid skill. This time around I think that it will be totally different. TF2 players in general have become much more skilled and the amount of good soldiers are much higher than in the previous competition, obviously there are still a outstanding soldiers who really are a cut above the rest, but this time around those top soldiers will have to fight really hard to prove to the TF2 community that they still have it.

The big influence on the increased skill level has come about due to the amount of Pickups that have been played so far in 2009, this has really helped increase player skills and the understanding of what it means to be competitive in our community. Thanks has to be given to the guys that have tried to make the Pickup community work and get better, but more thanks are in order for the players that participate in them as without them there would be no Pickups at all. The Big problem with pickups is that you get some really skilled players that are not willing to teach the lesser players how the game should be played and these are the type of things that hurt the community the most. You get some guys that get extremely angry and swear the newer so called “Noobs” that play the game, some of these guys disappear from pickups forever, some stay. It’s very hard for a player that has been used to dominating the whole public scene to come into a pickup and be told that he is not good enough. Yes they may not know what to do initially as it is a different ball game, but to them TF2 has always been like that and in my opinion it should be like that. So What needs to be done for TF2 in SA to become one of the best online games this country has seen?

In my opinion, the ego’s of the competitive players, or some of them, need to change. If they really want to help, then do it. Saying that you have done so much for the community means nothing and just proves to everyone that you ego is way too big. You can’t expect public players to play competitively if you don’t show them what it take to become a part of the competitive community.

There are a group of guys that really try to help the community grow and want to see TF2 develop into a great online game, but these guys need the support of the community. The TF2 1v1 Soldier competition registrations have gone live and so far the feedback has been simply awesome. With the support of the community I really hope that we can make this competition into a success and then move on to other Fun TF2 things like a 2v2 BBall weekend league, maybe even some prizes to go with it, but nothing will ever happen unless you, the community, make it happen.

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13 years ago

I couldnt have put it better myself!
I would really like to move to pickups but seeing some of the bitching and moaning that goes on in the channel really puts me off from actually playing.

Great site. Wish you all the best!

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