Thank you note

Thank you noteThank you note

From myself (Lolita) I would like to thank every one for their endurance, support and participation in all the competitions I have hosted in collaboration with TF2CSA. It has been an incredible experience and honour to be involved with the TF2 community and see it evolve, progress and go through all of the motions, both good and bad.

I would like to give special thanks to Razerfox for always being there to support and assist me with understanding the competitive TF2 community and getting things going; Xt3rm!n@tor for his hard work with the servers; Lola for being actively involved with the players and teams and rounding up the troops for comps; Whisp for his hand in allowing us the incredible opportunity of having international shoutcasters cast the Face-Off Challenge; FiSH for adminship and every one else’s involvement in making my competitions happen. Thank you to TF2CSA for providing a platform from which to communicate to the community. I would like to also thank IS Gaming for allowing us to use their servers, without that we could not have had our competitions this year.

To the teams!

Cheers and a heartfelt thanks to pcZ, fags and Master for loyal participation as well as the players from iMg and Vintage (oneNIGHT). You have been a driving force for 16Bit TF comps and participated with enthusiasm to grow TF2 in our country.

Future plans

16Bit TF will be hosting an Ultiduo at the end of January (more info on that next year). If all goes well, there will be prize money for this competition. I will continue to host competitions as frequently as possible in 2012. I will be hard at work getting sponsors to commit and provide prizes for tournaments. 16Bit TF will also be a part of the ladder system in 2012 for better ranking and seedings of teams.

Happy holidays to every one! Looking forward to a successful competitive year in 2012 with those who share my passion for gaming.


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10 years ago


10 years ago

Die plesier is myne.

10 years ago

/me prods Lolita’s toe.


10 years ago

Can we get some sort of competition or a what do you call when a lot of people get together in one place? A get together. Together.

OC? 😀

This weekend!

10 years ago

Pretty sure Naked should be mentioned somewhere here too 🙂 #amiright

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