TF2CSA Cup v2 Custom Maps

The second edition of the TF2CSA Cup Series will be taking place next month and will be played on custom maps only as part of the challenge for this tournament.

The maps that will be used will be the following:





The map cp_coldfront is already an official map and came with an update a while ago but still this map has not been played enough on 6v6 to find out if the TF2 SA community like it or not. Also after this Cup we could make some changes for next year’s 6v6 v3 to include some of these custom maps and remove some of the current 8 maps pool used if requested.

Signups for the TF2CSA Cup v2 Custom Maps are now open.

To enter the competition all the teams must be registered on . Please email the Team ID (given after registering on the new ladder / team management system to to confirm that your team will take part on this tournament.

Registering on the ladder system

To register on the ladder system, all players must go to and do the following:

Under Player Manager (on the left hand side) select “New Player Signup”. Complete the validation instructions.

Thereafter captains must create a team by joining the TF2SA 6v6 Teams Ladder where clan details (clan name, tag, etc.) are completed.  All the team mates must sign up as well so that the captain can invite the player’s to join the team. Check the following examples: “Newly Created Team” look at (Report ID ) to find your team’s ID the Test Team ID is number (8). And if your team is already registered just make sure your roster is up to date in case of any changes.

Signups Open: 22nd August

Signups Close: 31st August

Kick off: 2nd September

Groups Stage: 2nd until 26th September

Finals: 3rd October

For this cup we will have 2 groups (high) & (mid/low) teams and each group will have their own final so after every team had played each team once (from their group) then the top 2 of each group will go to the finals. This method will require less games to be played and will keep motivated both groups as well as a much balanced tournament something like the ESEA Invite and Open divisions kind of groups.

We are aware that exams period will be around the corner and some teams might not be able to take part on this Cup but the structure of the groups and without semi finals means that each team would play around 4 to 6 games (This Cup will be limited to a maximum of 10 teams) in 5 weeks so it will be very flexible.

**Note: More information and rules to follow shortly.

Teams Registered:

Group Alpha (High/+Mid)

Group Beta (Mid/Low)

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11 years ago

N1 Fox

11 years ago

The towers went boom boom, just like the twin towers of 2001.

On topic, I really like the idea of the 2 group things. 😀

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