TF2CSA 6v6 v2 Update

The signups for the TF2CSA 6v6 v2 will be extended till Sunday 13th of June at 10:00 PM and the competition will kick off on Wednesday 16th of June. As some teams seems like had players on exams and so on they did not have time yet to sort so we hope that this small extension of 2 days those teams to sort their lineups properly.

So far on the ladder site we have 10 teams registered though some of those teams do not have registered yet their full lineups hopefully they will do it on the followings days as our community tends to rush at the end.

Signup Info Here

We just would like to give you an overview of the tournament:

The complete set of Rules: Here

2. TF2CSA 6v6 v2

2.1 Each match is played over 2 maps, and the result is worked out over both

2.1.1 To win you must win both or win one and tie the other

2.1.2 To draw you must tie both or win one and lose the other

2.1.3 To lose you must lose both or lose one and tie the other

2.1.4 Match Score: 3 points for win / 1 points for draw / 0 points for loss

2.3 Winlimit = Point difference of 5

2.4 Map Pool:



cp_freight_final1 (new)






2.4.1Maps of the week will be pre-selected by tournament admins

2.5 Each week teams will have to play 2 games (Wednesday & Sundays) (Times To be arranged by the teams 48 hours before the match day)

2.5.1 Postponement of matches is not allowed (Wildcard only)

2.6 Each team will have 2 Wildcards to be able to postpone a match (To be used 24 hours before a match)(It doesn’t require opponents agreement but it must be notified to opponent team and tournament/match admin)

2.6.1 If a team wishes to use the Wildcard it must be reported to the tournament admins 24 hours before the match. If the team fails to do so the opponent team will win by forfeit.

2.6.2 The team that used the Wildcard will have to arrange the match with the opponent team before the group stage ends & the “Maps of the Week” from the postponed match will have to be used not the current Maps of the week. (it doesn’t have to be a match day)

2.7 The fixtures of the matches will be sorted by the tournament admins.

2.8 Teams with more than 2 Default Losses will be expelled from the competition

2.9 Dropped teams’ results will be deleted if they play less than 75%

2.10 All team rosters will be locked with the start of Week 2

2.11 Golden Cap will be used only on playoffs (semis /finals)  not during group stage

2.12 Depending of total of teams registered the admins will decide if more than one group will be required.

2.12.1 Teams will have to play each of the other teams once. (If more than one group teams will play other teams of same group only)

2.12.2 After all the group stage games have been played the Top 4 teams on the log will qualify to semi finals (1st vs 4th & 2nd vs 3rd) **Not double elimination**

2.13 The Ladder system will be used for testing purposes and after the competition we can start using the challenge system officially.

Tournament Admins:

  • Razerfox

Match Admins


Basically week games would be as follows:

Week1 Wednesday 16th /  Sunday 20th June               (Granary & Freight)

Week2 Wednesday 23th /  Sunday 27th June              (Badlands & Yukon)

Week3 Wednesday 30th / Sunday 4th  June/July  (Well & Gravel Pit)

Week4 Wednesday 7th / Sunday 11th  July                   (Gullywash & Follower)

Week5 Wednesday 14th  / Sunday 18th  July (Granary & Freight)

Week6 Wednesday 21th / Sunday 25th  July (Badlands & Yukon)

Teams will have to play match days as most of the TF2 teams really struggle to organize matches on their own we decided that we cannot let the teams to schedule their games for now but to get some flexibility the teams will have to arrange at what time would suit for both teams to play the match and also the teams will have only 2 Wildcards to postpone a match to be arrange to play anytime before the group stage ends (it doesn’t have to be a match day). As soon as signups are closed we will release the fixtures and the semis / final match days. (Each team leader will receive an email with this information as well)

Any doubts or questions please contact Razerfox or drop your comment below.

Signup Info Here

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12 years ago

Can we possibly also see a list of teams who have entered so far?

12 years ago

Is points for each map not more exiting? and can we maybe have some part of who we play each week? for stronger maps ect… probably not very possible but just a thought : )

12 years ago

Goodluck boys! Hope it goes well!

12 years ago

Week3 Wednesday 30th / Sunday 4th June/July (Well & Gravel Pit)

OMG thats gna be the BEST week of the league. Love those maps to bits 🙂

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