Koth Kup Final Operator vs Enigma Tonight 8:PM

The teams to dispute the Koth Kup final will be Operator vs Enigma after some really entertained semi finals between Operator vs Equilibrium where the Operator team got the win 3-2 and the nail biting match between Enigma vs Team i that went down the wire at extra time (Golden Cap) to take the win 3-2 as well.

The results of the semi finals were as follows:

Semi Final 1

Operator vs Equilibrium



**|Operator Wins|**

Semi Final 2

Team i vs Enigma



**|Enigma Wins|**

Enigma now will be now on their second final after they went down to WildGirls on the previous TF2CSA 6v6 v1 competition and now that they managed to get to the final on this Koth Kup on Viadcut. Can they turn around their chances this time? Or are we gonna see Operator making their mark on TF2 SA competitive scene as everyone is preparing for the upcoming TF2CSA 6v6 v2. Remember that on their last encounter during the group stage Operator beat Enigma on a crushing 4-0 but for sure the final match we might see a much closer match.


Operator vs Enigma

**Sunday 13th of June 8:00**

Shout-casting will be available

TeamSpeak 3 Download

chat.wage.co.za  9987


Match for 3rd Place

Eq vs Team i

(Equilibrium Wins by Forfeit)

Note: The Final of the Koth Kup has been postponed to ensure that the teams that got to the final are well prepared and also other very important factors that were taken in consideration to make sure we can succeed creating a better TF2 SA competitive for the long term and as next weekend most of the gaming community will be on holidays we will get more spectators that will be able to enjoy and watch the match as well as getting all the TF2 SA community together and hopefully attract new players to the TF2 competitive scene.

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12 years ago

My passion is to play TF2. 😀
Also writing, I love writing.

On topic, this would be an exciting final!
Well played, enjoy guys!
See you all in 6v6v2

12 years ago

Can’t wait for this final 😀
Operator have been VERY strong and have beaten everyone but Eq 4-0, So I’m very excited.
Also keen to get this Koth Kup over with lol, 6v6v2 must come now.
God i hate koth competitively lol 😛

12 years ago

They didnt beat fury 4-0.
It was 4-1 🙂

12 years ago

Finals: eNg vs @
|0 – 4|
@ wins!

Well played all!

12 years ago

I dozed off at 4 today waiting for the soccer and i missed the cup final.. ffs!
Just do it again quickly?? ill wait on source…

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