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January 6v6 highlights

Joe Moer has posted two new competitive highlight videos for January. All frags from 6v6 matches in South Africa

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How to watch a Demo

Locating the demo: To locate the demo you recorded or to place a demo file you just downloaded you’ll need to go into the tf folder of team fortress 2. Go to “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Login Name\team fortress 2\tf” *.dem is the extension of the recorded demo. Local Demo Store :¬†Click Here Playback demo: To watch the …

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Demo’s Section gone LIVE

TF2.co.za has just created an FTP to host Demos from various Clan servers in South Africa. All Demo’s that occur on the IS Match Servers will automatically be put in their respective directories in the Demos Section after one day. Please see the below Screenshot to see where the Demo Links are, IT HAS A …

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