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Koth Kup Results To Date “Last Day” Updated

Today is the deadline of this Koth Kup with 5 matches still to be played and so far we have seen some interesting matches that are leaving the logs very close to qualify for the semis with the last 3 spots still to be decided today as Operator is already qualified for the semis. Operator …

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Koth Kup Results To Date

Well the Koth Kup has proven to be a challenging competition so far as koth_viaduct map gameplay really closes the gap a bit between the teams. Have a look for Shift as they managed to draw against Narcotics 2-2 and surprisingly but deservedly beating Equilibrium 3-2. Just a reminder guys that next friday 28th of …

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TF2CSA Cup v1 “Koth Kup” Results

To submit results follow this format: | (TeamA) vs (TeamB) |  (Score) | (winner team/draw) Example: | Red vs Blue | 2 – 5 |  Blue Wins | Red vs Blue | 3 – 3 | Draw