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League of extraordinary gamers part iii

Join me, Lola, for part 3 of my interview with 6 gamers whose experience within the SA gaming community has earned them the respect of players across all platforms. In this final part, they finally share their thoughts about TF2 as a game, the local TF2 community and what it would take to make TF2 …

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League of extraordinary gamers part ii

Join me, Lola, for Part 2 of my interview with these 6 extraordinary gamers, each of whom has made a mark in the SA competitive gaming community. Alastair ‘Lag_Beast’ Bouman: The gamer known as “the one-man-army who is able to take on the best of teams with his immaculate skill and composure.” Daniela ‘Bubbles’ Rust: …

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League of extraordinary gamers (part 1)

A Soldier… a Scout… a Heavy… a Sniper… A Demoman and a Medic… The power of these players becomes a league of extraordinary gamers. A number of leading players from other games have finally seen the light and switched to the best first person shooter — TF2 — since id Software popularised first person shooters. …

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