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TF2CSA Highlander Teams & Info

Maps: Badwater – Upward –  GravelPit Highlander Rules: Here Group Stage: 11th October until 31st October Final: Sunday 7th November Teams: 1) Xt3rM!n@tor‘s Team ( ‘kl – Deacan –  D4N –   TyphooN – Whisp – KyleAssassin – Venator – Likalota – Denton ) 2) Joint‘s Team ( Wir – Jan – B_ – Angel – …

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TF2CSA Highlander Competition

We would like to announce that we will be running a Highlander 9vs9 competition for the Month of October and the registrations are open until next week Friday 8th October. For those who don’t know what means “Highlander” it’s a gamemode where there can only be one (of each class ) so will be 9vs9 …

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