miNt & Equilibrium Team Fortress 2: Soldier Rebirth Competition

Over the last few months there has been an influx of new Team Fortress 2 players in South Africa, this has been the trend in the relaxed, less serious form of the game, known to most as pubs. This has become a huge problem for the competitive side of TF2 as not a lot if not any of them have tried to get themselves into the competitive side of Team Fortress 2 and start new clans. We do tend to see a decent amount of new guys playing in pickups, but still this is not helping the competitive community in any way.

The existing Clans in Team Fortress 2 are all lead by players that have experience from when Team Fortress 2 first hit South Africa. In an attempt to try and give a boost to the Team Fortress 2 competitive scene miNt Gaming and Equilibrium.TF2 have teamed up with IS Gaming to host a 1v1 Soldier competition. The main objective is to get all those new players that enjoy playing on the public servers to be more involved with the competitive side of the Team Fortress 2 community. This will not only help nurture young talent, but will also help players looking to join a team be more recognized whilst showing everyone how much fun Team Fortress 2 can really be if players are committed. This competition will be free to enter and will have no prize at the end, but players will be able to gauge their skill compared to other Team Fortress 2 players in South Africa. I think we owe it to ourselves to show other gamers that Team Fortress 2 is not just a comic strip, but more a complete game that requires great skill and a lot of dedication and time to get good at. Register Here

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13 years ago

I’m starting the ball rolling… I will be registering.

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