Match Day 4 – Preview

6v6 Preview Match Day 4

18 April 2010

The first three rounds of the 6v6 v1 have been really exciting. The results have been quite erratic with the top four positions nowhere near as clear cut as some would have thought at the start of the competition.  At this stage of the competition, who are the favourites to win?  After the first two rounds everyone thought Nc would take top honours, but with Wildgirls beating Nc in the last round will the momentum shift to them? Will Styx retain the top spot after taking on Eq? Will AV, Fury or CyB spring a surprise and make the log table even more interesting? And let’s not forget eNg, can they revive their chances of making the top 4 after a slow start to the competition?

STYX vs Eq

Let’s start with “Styx”. Their form has been the biggest surprise of the competition this far, leading the points after three rounds. Sitting on top of the log, confidence is high all round amongst their players. They meet the pre-competition “favourites”, “Eq”, who are currently in fourth position on the log. Eq were totally outplayed in their first match by Nc, while Styx had a much more competitive match against Nc.  Can Styx keep their momentum by beating Eq and sustain their upward form or will Eq bounce back and show them why they were the pre-competition favourites? It’s hard to pick who to look out for in Styx as they are playing so well as a unit and everyone is on form at the moment. Eq’s strength lies with their scouts and soldier/medic combo. This one is going to be a great contest.

Nc vs Fury

Nc started the competition with a bang – they thrashed Eq in their opening game, thrashed Styx in the first game of the second match but only narrowly managed a win in the second game of the same match against Styx.  In their last encounter Nc were outplayed by the impressive Wildgirls. Is this a downward trend for Nc or just a small blip?  Fury are a team with a lot of solid players who combine well. They will, however, have their work cut out trying to beat Nc. Unfortunately Fury will be without their up and coming demo-man “Peng” and will have to work even harder to salvage the win. This should be an intriguing contest with Nc Warhammy’s sniping skills coupled with the offensive skills of Cupcake in action against Heckers and Learox from Fury.

eNg vs CyB

The question on everyone’s lips at the moment has to be “where on earth is “eNg”. Will they even have a team for this match? CyB might be in luck on Sunday as eNg have struggled to play their best players in recent games and managed a “no-show” for the first match of the competition. They salvaged just one point against Eq in their last encounter but that was just barely – Eq took the first map easily. CyB on the other hand have been working really hard to strengthen their team, practising with bigger names to make their movement more fluid. Will CyB win this because eNg don’t have a full team or will eNg revive their chances? eNg Semper who hasn’t played any matches in the competition this far will be raring to go and dominate anything he encounters. eNg rAGE and Xolox will want to prove to everyone that they are still a top TF2 clan. Can CyB’s Stratis lead his team to victory with the help of scouts Darktrace and Deathcam running circles around eNg’s scouts? All will be revealed on Sunday.

Latest news in is that the Leader of eNg , Xolox has been seen loafing the roads of Cape Town –  far, far away from his homeland of PE. Will he be back to lead his team to victory?

Wildgirls vs AV

Wildgirls and AV are coming into this game with great results, both winning their last games convincingly. On the surface it appears that there has to be a loser… or does there? Will AV play out a strategy and focus on a “draw” on one of the maps to salvage a point or will Wildgirls just blow them over with their sheer sexiness? AV is a clan that was created mere hours before the competition started and has worked really hard to build their team chemistry. Although they have lost two of their three matches, team spirit is really high and AV’s game play is improving with every match. Wildgirls on the other hand have been plagued with reliability problems – players not pitching and some completely disappearing . They have yet to establish teamwork instead relying heavily on raw individual skill to win matches. Their latest addition to the squad is the well known medic, Andy. Will he bring some stability into their team? Can the likes of Whitewolf, Wildgirls’s lone scout be able to deal with Dan and the Proro Likalota? Or will the game be decided between the soldiers, the dominating Kaboos and the pub king Elapid. Let’s wait and see.

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12 years ago

Well written X. Kinda sucks I can’t play, stupid studies.
Go fury, w00t.

12 years ago

Gud gud X!! “Xolox has been seen loafing the roads of Cape Town” hehe I lol’d

12 years ago

HAHAHAAHAH! Having a good time, dont worry Ill be back on Saturday night. More than enough time for Sunday.

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