ISGTF2 Pre Season League Update

As expected the TF2 competitive scene is quiet at the moment as most of the players are busy with exams, and gaming time is reduced. But the few clannies and mixed matches that some teams have played so far have helped test the Matchmod plugin which has been installed on the IS Clan Servers for the competition, and it’s really working very well, with the players giving good feedback about the plugin.

The Pre Season had scheduled dates for the teams from each divisions to play some games and get their teams sorted to get their final line up for next year’s league. The schedule in place was the following:

  • 18th October – 24th October           cp_granary
  • 25th October – 31st October            cp_badlands
  • 22nd November – 28 November    cp_freight
  • 29th November –  5th December   cp_gravelpit
  • 6th December – 13th December     cp_well

At the moment we are in the middle of the break period (1st November – 22nd November). During the period from 18th October until 31st October no teams played any Pre Season games so after the break period we would like to encourage the teams from all the divisions to play their games as preparation for the league and fine tune the final team line up. The teams will have from 23rd of November until the 13th December to play at least some of their games (if possible), although we understand that after exams some players will go on holiday so we won’t be strict with this.

Some teams have been changing their roster of players, others have not yet finalized their lineup and only a few have solid lineups. It is good to see the teams holding together looking for the right balance of players and trying to get people that have dedication to improve. As a team it is a tough job, but hopefully this situation will be improving with time if the team leaders make the right choices and decisions.

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11 years ago

Actually, between the 18th and 31st of October there were a large number of games played between some of the clans, but they just weren’t recorded as “pre-season” games for some reason.

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