Interview with Goldfox


Nick Name: Goldfox

Full Name: Byron Emslie

Age: 17

Location: Johannesburg

Class: Demoman

Clan: Segment Gaming


Single Player games: Half Life 2, Diablo 2, GTA IV.

Online Game: Team Fortress 2

Music Artists: Linkin Park, Placebo, Tiesto, Disturbed.

Song: Breaking the Habit – Linkin Park.

TV Series: Bleach.

Movies: The Fast and the Furious movies, Fight Club, all the Bleach movies.

Team Fortress 2

Favorite Class and why you decided to play it: Demoman. I play it because
for me it’s the most challenging of all the classes, and there’s always
room for improvement. You’re almost always in the center of the action and
you are capable of dealing huge amounts of damage. It’s the most rewarding
class and for me the most enjoyable.

Your favorite players: Zimmy, Typhoon , Vampire – They’re always there for
me and encourage me, great friends and players.

Most Kills in one round: 12 in a pickup as demo.

Best moment in TF2 and why: A double midair on Joint on badlands 2nd point
in a BOTC game. It’s the best moment for me because it was the first
midair I had ever gotten on Joint, he;s usually the one midiar-ing me, and
I’m usually not very good at midairs. It was also an important game and me
killing him when I did allowed my team to win our first and only round
against Swift and were the only team to do so in the competition.

Rate: 25000

Cmdrate: 35

Updaterate: 35

Interp: 0.0166

Frag Vidz: Final Genesis, The Vestige.

A bit about yourself

I’m currently still in school. I love gaming, especially TF2, and music.
I’m laid back and don’t usually let things get to me, except maybe when I
play TF2 😛 I prefer not to judge people and prefer to avoid or ignore
conflict. I’m a perfectionist, to a point, I don’t give up easily and most
of the time I think when I do so something I could’ve done better. I love
watching, supporting and playing soccer. I’m into computer programming and
will probably study that after school, or become a pr0 gamer xD And
overall I’m just easy-going and chilled.

Gaming Gear

CPU: Core 2 duo @ 3.3GHz
Motherboard: ASUS Striker II Formula
Graphics Card: Nvidia 8800 GTX
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2253GW, 23″ Widescreen, 10000:1, 2ms.
Mouse and DPI + In-game sensitivity: Razer Diamondback, 2.4 in-game
Keyboard: Aopen Kb KMS-720

Advice for new players

New players should start off familiarising themselves with the game as
fully as possible, all the top players started off on the ‘pub’ servers,
and it’s where you pickup general knowledge of how the game works,
specifics of all the classes, layouts of maps etc. However if you ever
want to progress and compete successfully in competitive TF2 you need to
eventually progress from playing ‘pub’ servers.

The next step is to play as many pickups as possible, they are your
primary source of improvement. Playing pickups teaches you the competitive
style of play, what classes are used, how to play the different classes on
the different maps, strategies for the different maps, and overall the
exposure to the competitive style game and playing with experienced
players will really help you improve.

Once you start playing pickups you’ll likely have an idea of what your
favourite class is, and a few pickups might help you make up your mind. It
is essential you find the class you’re suited to and the class you want to
play and stick with it and focus getting better with that class. It’s
really worthwhile to speak to the more experienced players who share your
chosen class, ask them questions and seek advice, and if they’re willing,
ask them to teach you and help you in pickups so they can pass on their
knowledge which will help you improve greatly.

Try get your hands on international TF2 demos and watch how those players
play, their movement, strategies, techniques etc. You will pick up a lot
of useful knowledge. Local demos are also a great source of education.
Read up on TF2 guides and tutorials, and class-specific guides. Generally
ask as many questions as possible, about anything you’re uncertain of or
need help with, the majority of people in the community will be glad to
help you out, so don’t be shy 😛

When starting out, you shouldn’t make joining a clan your main priority.
If you join an inexperienced clan without first becoming accustomed to the
game itself it can really bring you down. When you do eventually join a
clan you should make sure the majority of the players are committed and
are focused on actually playing the game and not focused on cool-looking
tags, shiny avatars and website etc. All that only servers to slow you
down and waste your time. The main aim of a clan is to improve as a team
and become better as a unit. Ideally look for a team who shares your
ambitions and will compliment your skills and play style and one that
allows you to improve and realise your true potential.

Lastly, becoming a great TF2 player comes down to your personal
determination and motivation. You have to have the desire to improve and
the will to stick with it, even when things go bad. Ignore the people who
have nothing positive to contribute or try to discourage you, if anything,
use it as inspiration, to prove those people wrong. A lot of it comes down
to lots of practice and play time, but will ultimately be satisfying and
rewarding. This game takes a lot of work and patience to ‘master’, but it
can be very rewarding and worthwhile.

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12 years ago

Good interview nice advice to new players.

12 years ago

You are my hero. So to speak.

12 years ago

Yeah, some very good advice, good luck in the future.

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