How to Prevent Your Steam Account from Being “Hacked” Phished

I guess some of you are aware that Steam accounts can get hacked and has been happening quite often so just check the simple step that you have to do to prevent it:

  1. Verify your email on Steam

Verifying your email address with Steam improves the security of your Steam Account. Once you’ve verified your email address with Steam, both your Steam Account password and access to your email account are required in order to make any changes to your Steam Account credentials, such as your password, secret question and answer, and contact email address. This helps further protect your Steam Account from being stolen by a potential phisher.

Some of the ways that people try to get your password is a random dodgy link promising you free games or the sort of stuff then it will ask your steam pass/name so it can be loaded on your steam account. On some cases you might receive a message on steam from someone could say is part of Steam staff and needs your details to verify you or some sort story.

Be aware of that guys and don’t forget to do the Email Verification with Steam

Check on Steam for other  “Account Security Recommendations to make sure you can keep your account safe. In case that you need to contact Steam then check on the following link how to it:  Steam support

Remember that in the event that a hijacked Steam account is banned by the Valve Anti-Cheat System, Steam Support can not remove the ban so take the security measures guys.

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12 years ago

It’s quite simple really :

“Never tell your password to anyone.”

Steam tells you this everytime you open a friend chat box. As for free games websites, they usually have spelling mistakes like: or With a little common sense, no one should ever get their account hacked.

12 years ago

I suggest you rename the title of this to “How to Prevent Your Steam Account from Being Phished”.

Saying they’re “getting hacked” implies that it’s not THEIR FAULT for being morons and following the link.

12 years ago

How to Prevent Your Steam Account from Being Phished/Hacked – Don’t be an idiot.

Ace Fire6
Ace Fire6
12 years ago

Real steam offers wont direct you to your internet browser they will always go through the Steam Store which is integrated into the steam client

12 years ago

Wir Stop stealing boet, you will get caught one day

12 years ago


11 years ago

Also please don’t use simple passwords like 123456,password,god etc

Make sure your password includes caps numbers and one or two symbols.
for eg
pass: “cheeseofdooom” will change to

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