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MDivers Wins Draft League Final

The Draft League v3 group stage has finished and sees tNP and MDivers qualifying to the finals. Draft League v3 Final tNP vs MDivers ( badlands 2-4 – freight 2-4 ) MDivers Draft League v3 Winners Lineup: Learox, Kaos, Heckers, B, Sector, Flames, Prof and Razerfox. Well played everyone and thanks for taking part on …

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Draft League v3 Results So Far UPDATED!

Draft League v3 Teams

The 6 Draft Teams as follows: Joint’s Team ( S.U.P) GrimAndy Strife M1tCh-Za D4N Jan Toy Pupnut Team X (the Mob) SlasherZA Deacan RaCoon Espavo Silencer LawnMower CableGuy Xolox’s Team ( TNP ) TyphooN Garfield Headshot101 Instincts LeGacyy Soliton RaGe Wikus’s Team (Team Prawn) Tyelander shooter Peng Goldfox jeff LEONIDAS Whisp Vomitshovel’s Team (Xiu) FiSH …

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TF2CSA Draft League v3 UPDATED!

Registrations Closed The TF2CSA Team has decided to take on the series of “Draft Leagues” that were created by Skillbill and launch the 3rd edition of this league to keep momentum on the TF2 competitive community.  For those of you who are unfamiliar how a draft league works, it basically consists out of a set …

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