“Batterup!” (Meet The Scout – Tier I)

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Designed by DaveyG. With the assistance of LikaLota!

Once upon a time

“Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, the Scout is a fast running scrapper with a baseball bat and a snarky ‘in-your-face’ attitude. He is very rude, and seems to think he can handle anything. He often acts a lot tougher than he can actually prove to be, though he’s certainly not weak.” – Team Fortress 2 Wiki

Well… it’s time for that un-frickin’-touchable scout talk, with myself, DaveyG. Join me, as I get inside the minds of some of South Africa’s fabulous Scouts, as well as high detailed information on this frickin’ unbelievable character!

The first choice to the class selection when we join our team… Hmm, that’s gotta count for something? Maybe they started with the smallest height? Well, I’ll get back to you on that! Let’s check out our ‘Fabulous Four’…


Your Batting Lineup

Name and Alias: Brandon ‘Deacan’ Shaw
Nickname: Beez
Scout Game-time: 331.5 hours
Best Scout Performance (in one life): 23 points
Favorite Scout Dialog: [Happy Laughter 2] and “You got owned!”
Favorite Headgear/Misc: Vintage Woopie Cap
Toughest Scout Opponent (SA): TakBok  – Best TF2 player SA, no doubt. 
Toughest Opposing Class: SoldierDaveyG style!
Name and Alias: Aldrin ‘Spoon’ Dumas
Nickname: “His name is already a Nickname” – DaveyG
Scout Game-time: +/- 260 hours
Best Scout Performance (in one life): 32 points
Favorite Scout Dialog: “This did not just happen!”                Favorite Headgear/Misc: Baseball Bill’s Sports Shine
Toughest Scout Opponent (SA): There are a lot… but I would say Hammer or Old Man Joe – Those guys are just too good.
Toughest Opposing Class: Demoman (Drunk bastard…)
Name and Alias: Matthew ‘Forgetful’ Williams
Nickname: Matty
Scout Game-time: +/- 350 hours
Best Scout Performance (in one life): 23 points
Favorite Scout Dialog: “Ohhh you’re gun shoots medicine.. Intimidating!”
Favorite Headgear/Misc: Essential Accessories
Toughest Scout Opponent (SA): Rage
Toughest Opposing Class: Heavy

Name and Alias: Michael “AcidMan” Davis
Nickname: Ace (from DaveyG)
Scout Game-time: 563 hours
Best Scout Performance (in one life): over 9000 (Idling… – DaveyG)
Favorite Scout Dialog: [Evil Laughter] and “Domination. Look it up!”
Favorite Headgear/Misc: Vintage Tossle Cap (Painted with A Distinctive Lack Of Hue)
Toughest Scout Opponent: Andy – Because he’s crazy.
Toughest Opposing Class: Soldier

Deacon, all his pocket money goes into buying a new mouse, since he broke the previous one 'caus he couldn't take out that medic.

Brandon ‘Deacan’ Shaw, all his pocket money goes into buying a new mouse, since he broke the previous one ‘caus he couldn’t take out that medic.” – Lola

Inside The Fab Four’s Minds

To be a pro in a certain class, you must know the class, be the class! To be the class, you must know the different aspects of the class… Strengths, weaknesses, advantages, disadvantages, items, tactics, ect. Now that is why I have brought these 4 sluggers here, to give their insight on it all.

Why Scout?

Deacon: “Well having played Medic for an eternity, I was really getting bored of TF2, and was ready to call it quits. X, whom I have known from the beginning told me that ‘Eq’ will be breaking up and that he wanted to start a low division team. He asked me to help him coach the players. The added benefit was that I was not allowed to play Medic. The choice was simple, Scout – I enjoy the added speed the class brings to the game, but most of all, I like the fact the he is the ultimate team player. He caps points, finishes off weak players and still has the ability to do something crazy and change the game (like a back cap and killing spree), but with all this you have to be thinking the whole time because you can get yourself and your team in a lot of trouble thinking you are a little too big for your boots.”

Spoon: “I chose Scout because he was the easiest to play and understand, compared to most of the other classes. Plus… Who doesn’t love the little guy?”

Forgetful: “I chose Scout as my main class at first because it looked fun (being able to move around so fast etc.) and later because I found out how effective a good Scout can be for your team.”

AcidMan: “Well, I actually first played Soldier then Demoman before I started to play Scout competitively. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for in a class but when I started to really get into competitive play, I’d watch international games and the Scouts were just really appealing to me, it’s a double jumping, fast, scattergun equipped madman. What isn’t there to like about that?”

What is a Scout’s job? What must they do for the team?

Deacon: “Well its difficult to say what the Scouts job is, because there is a list of them, but basically its to watch the flanks, cap points and kill weak targets. People forget that Scouts are meant to cap points. They do it faster than anything else. 2 Scouts on spire, and its capped before the other team can do anything. Also listen to your team, listen for the call of weak players. That’s your target. Not the fully charged Pocket Soldier because you think you beast.”

Spoon: “Well he must… Scout. Check flanks, observe what the enemy team is doing, where they are, etc.”

Forgetful: “The main role of a Scout is to protect the flanks of the team and to spot where the opposing team is moving. The other roles include: Harassing the opposing team, forcing uber and taking out the medic and Demoman.”

AcidMan: “The Scout, ‘scouts’ for the team, he is essential for his calling, letting the players know what’s going on in the flanks or if they’re able to go in and brief the team of the opposing teams situation, condition, etc. The Scout is also essential for capping the points as he has a 2x capture effect. The Scout is also essential for protecting the Demoman and focusing the opposing Scouts when the fight for middle begins.”


Matthew ‘Forgetful’ Williams, a passive Scout that never jumps and gracefully strolls through the map… and almost never misses his shots.” – Spoon

What should a Scout look out for while playing?

Deacon: “Well this goes for any class, do your job! If you are a part of a team, discuss what your job is, and do it. In game situations, you need to be calling all the info. The more info the team caller has, the better. Even things like: Does the medic have uber or crits? But most of the time do your job. If your job is the flanks, then that’s what you should be looking out for. If your team gets taken from the flank I know who I would be chatting to after the game.”

Spoon: “Watch out for Pyro’s and their flame throwers of course, Soldier for his splash damage, and the Medic’s needlegun (damn that thing is scary). And don’t underestimate the Demomen, some of them have magnets in their pipes… *cough* Demon *cough*. And others just have insane sticky skills! I’m watching you Aztec!

Forgetful: “Scouts should always be looking for opportunities to get behind the other team so they can sneak up and take out the Medic, Demoman or any unfortunate soul who is looking for a health pack.”

AcidMan: “A Scout should always look out for any of the opposing team trying to push in on the flanks.”

What surroundings is best suitable for a Scout?

Deacon: “Well this depends on the type of player you are. I like to keep things on the ground and level. So flat open areas like cp_Granary and cp_Gullywash, suit me but mostly. Scouts enjoy areas that allow them to use the wonderful double jump. So areas that allow you to use little ledges or rocks, that you can jump on and off to throw the enemy. Height, you want the player to not have to track you horizontally… but vertically too.”

Spoon: “Semi-closed areas for those glorious meat-shots, and so you have enough room for dodging.”

Forgetful: “The best surrounding for a Scout are open areas with a few places to jump on using the double jump. This is best because it maximizes the Scout’s maneuverability and ability to avoid damage.”

AcidMan: “The Scout naturally adapts to any kind of terrain. He’s able to double jump and he’s fast, giving him easy mobility.”

What items are completely useless for a Scout? Why?

Deacon: “Well this is a bad question for me. I’m a huge Vanilla fan and think the quality of the game has degraded since the medic unlocks. They have turned the game into a joke, and already ‘cartoony’ cant be taken seriously (How wrong the Call of Duty and Battlefield community is). So I wish they would do away with them. Now I can see some people love them but that’s just my opinion.”

Spoon: “I don’t think there are any really. I like all of his weapons and they are all fun to use. The Crit-a-Cola increases your speed and gives mini-crits, but also makes you take mini-crit damage. The Force-a-Nature bounces people off cliffs and lets you tripple jump. And the Sandman is just to annoy people” 😛

Forgetful: “The only item I find completely useless for the Scout is the Baby Face Blaster, because it discourages jumping and jumping is one of the best ways a Scout can avoid damage and get around his target. Most other weapons can be used if you use them correctly.”

AcidMan: “Everything except bonk and his vanilla weapons (Oh, and re-skins like the Lugermorph or Holy Mackerel) . Why would you need anything else? The Scattergun, Pistol and Bat is powerful and has no cons or pros while most unlockables have cons and pros, some of which would give an unfair advantage if it were used in a competitive game and some of which are completely ridiculous in my opinion which would give you no advantage whatsoever (Baby Face’s Blaster)”


Aldrin ‘Spoon’ Dumas, like the Rain Man… doesn’t hit anything until he jumps, then its raining meat-shots all day long. Forget a drive-by, this is a fly-by!” – Deacon

What disciplined tips must a Scout always follow?

Deacon: “In clan games, NEVER OVER EXTEND! Don’t be out of your position, and listen to what you are told… even if you think it’s wrong. It took me a long time to learn not to over extend in clan games, and it still gets me into trouble. All this means nothing without game sense. Be aware of what is happening around you, slow down and think. It will keep you alive.”

Spoon: “Don’t do what I do… run head on into a Soldier and think I can meat-shot him to death, because sometimes it just isn’t going to work. Play safe and wait for your team. If you are behind your opponent’s entire team thinking “easy Medic pick”, think again… You mite get lucky, but don’t count on it. Just wait for your team to get the combo (normally the Medic and the Soldier) separated and then go for it.”

Forgetful: “The most crucial steps to follow as a scout are: 1) To call everything you see to your team. 2) To remain on your teams flank, unless you’re executing a team strategy or you are moving in on a target or a capture point. 3) To always tell your team when you’re moving away from the flank. 4) STAY WITH YOUR SCOUT PARTNER WHENEVER POSSIBLE! And 5) Not to run into the whole opposing team to try get the Medic or other target, unless you know that they are distracted and that you are confident that you can pull off two quick meat-shots and get out of danger.”

AcidMan: “Don’t push unnecessarily, always try to stay together with your other Scout. It’s ‘Team’ Fortress, not ‘My’ Fortress, so always work with your team.”

When playing competitively, do the 2 Scouts have the same roles?

Deacon: “Well back in the day they kinda did, but watching European games they seem to have what is termed a Pocket Scout. He is positioned closer to the Medic, Pocket and Demoman. While the other Scout is a more of an aggressive frag hunter. Its easy to see how this works in Europe. Easy for the Scout to defend the medic against 

jumpers and frag Scout’s get the help of the mass damage from the heavy classes.”

Spoon: “Yes… I think. Just try and stick together at least.”

Forgetful: “On the most part, yes. However they can change roles/classes to suit a defensive/offensive situation (eg: Falling back to protect the team when under strain; changing to Heavy on defense of last point; or changing to Sniper to try kill the Medic when the opposing team have uber advantage).”

AcidMan: “When playing competitively, it’s always best for your Scout pair to be together almost all of the time, unless it’s in a situation where one would cap the point and the other one moves up or one of you have died. Sometimes different roles on the middle fight work too, for example, one would push on and put pressure on the Demoman whilst the other protects his or her teams Demoman.”

How do you practice as a Scout? What steps are vital to take?

Deacon: “I have a couple of aim maps with bots running around. I try and hit all my shots. Not mad shooting and flicking. Slowly, aim and fire only when my cross hair is on the player. In pubs I do the same. Even if its getting me killed. Try get those meat-shots. Before you play, think about your game, think where you feel you may be weak. That’s what you should work on while you play. If you are a clan player, your pub K/D means nothing. In clannies, no one cares if you are on top of the Dustbowl scorecard. Use it to develop your competitive gameplay.”

Spoon: “Just play. The more you play, the more experience you have resulting in you to have better aim and game sense. Don’t rely on YouTube videos to teach you everything. They might give you tips, but that’s about it.”


Michael “AcidMan” Davis, has been out of the game for a while, but he is still a good Sniper! Too bad his scouting is as good as Fury…” – Forgetful

Forgetful: “The best way I have found to practice as Scout it to play as many mixes/pickups as possible and to not get discouraged when you do not do well. Scout is a hard class to become really good at, it takes time and practice. You’ll find yourself dying a lot at first. The most vital steps are to remain in the background until you are needed or you find an opening (make the opposing team wonder where you are). Do not engage just because you’re attacked, as a Scout you have an excellent ability to get out of danger if you are at a disadvantage. Finally, be patient, it’ll take a lot of play time before you are crushing the opposing team with your meat-shots and ability to dodge almost every attack. It took me a year and a half to get to the level that I’m at now.”

AcidMan: “As a Scout, it all comes down to your quick decision making, maneuverability and aim. Combine all three and you’re a class 1 Scout. Certain maps like tr_walkway can improve a Scouts aim on both the Scattergun and Pistol, as well as being able to maneuver while being able to aim at a target. Also, playing competitive games helps you learn too. New people are more than welcome to join, watch and play mixes because you can’t learn without actually trying.”

DaveyG’s Insight


“Faceshot!” – DaveyG’s Scattergun Name

Now I know I’m not the best of Scouts, but I do have my fair share of skill 😛 So, how about we start looking at the choices you have as a Scout!

Yes, the Scout is one of the classes with the least health over all the classes, but it is one of the classes with the most amount of items. These are 5 primary items, 8 secondary items, and 18 melee items. 31 items all together!

Personally, I enjoy the vanilla (default) load-out for the Scout. In my opinion, I feel standard  weapons are the better choice. The main purpose for different items, is so that a weakness may be strengthened, and a strength may be weakened. Having the vanilla item does take away a strength that some other player may have, but also gives you a strength over some other player. And besides, if you are a competitive Scout, you would normally use vanilla weapons anyway, because when playing in mixes and clan matches, the Scout load-out is restricted heavily to vanilla items.

Because this is a article series, I wont be mentioning all the items now, but will go through some brief ones to begin with. So we’ll start with the basic items, the Scattergun, the Pistol, the Lugermorph, and the all annoying Bat.


Both the Scout and Engineer use this item!

So we’ll start with the primary weapon. The Scattergun has an ammo load of 8 shells, with a maximum of 32 shells carried. Now to the damage side, it gets a bit complicated, so charge your brain! Depending on the range between the Scattergun and the impact, a full meatshot can deal 60 damage, and a crit shot can go up to a damage count of 180. This is because when the shell has been fired, it spreads like a shotgun. So at times you will get damage amounts of 15, if you are at a distance of around 5 meters. So you will want to be as close as possible when you fire at your target.

The Pistol and Lugermorph is a little easier to explain. The reason why I included the Lugermorph, is that both the Pistol and Lugermorph are exactly the same in ability. The only difference is they look different. The Lugermorph is a promotional item, which was first given in the Vintage item quality to players who pre-ordered Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse or who bought it up to a week after release. Later, it was made available through defeating Max in a knockout round of Poker Night at the Inventory in the Unique item quality. They both simply have a ammo load of 12, and a maximum carry amount of 36. A base damage amount goes to 15, with a crit damage of 45. They can fire 6 rounds in 1 second if shot continuously.



The Bat is even more simpler to explain. Actually, the Bat is included in a series of melee weapons with the same abilities, but again, different look and sound. These include the Frying Pan, Conscientious Objector, Freedom Staff, Bat Outta Hell, Memory Maker, Ham Shank, Holy Mackerel, Unarmed Combat and finally the Saxxy. They all have a 1 hit damage of 35, and a crit damage count of 105. There are still 3 other melee items which have the same damage counts, but different abilities. These includes the Sandman, which launches a baseball that stuns an enemy between 1–8 seconds, depending on distance, but lowers the Scouts health by 15. The next is the Candy Cane, which causes a small health pack to drop when an enemy is caned with the item, but unfortunately raises explosive vulnerability by 25%. The last melee weapon with the same damage counts, is the Boston Basher and the Three-Rune Blade, which causes an enemy to bleed for 5 seconds once hit by the item. The downside, is if you miss an enemy, you are then forced to bleed for 5 seconds.

Well that is the end of DaveyG’s Insight Part I. This section will cover all the items of the classes, so you will know everything there is to know about the class. Tier II of the Scout will include more items, and the different item sets the Scout has to offer!

It’s not the end!

I know some of you would say that this was only half the Scout’s information, which is why this is only Tier I of the Scout Series. This series will go on for a long time, traveling up the tiers along the way! Every aspect of every class will be covered.

Many thanks to the ‘Fabulous Four’ for their tips and pointers on this fast and furious Scout! It was indeed very nice to learn some new things, and to be reminded of crucial elements offered by the Scout!

But this does end our tour of the Scout… For now! So thanks for reading and you’ll be seeing more very soon!

(PS: I hope you guys will support me in this, as the main aim of this is to get the communication of our community back on track!)

Until the next…

This is DaveyG, writing off…

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9 years ago

Ey my quote of acid is just a joke, Davey said it HAD to be funny, there’s my attempt at humor 😛

9 years ago

vintage’ Deacan wins!

9 years ago

I’m going to meatshot Deacan until he breaks his mouse again. 😛

Reply to  Razerfox
9 years ago

No Razer, I’m already one mouse away from the looney bin. Don’t push me over the edge. Pretty please.

9 years ago

where is alpha

9 years ago

Really nice article, thanks for including me. Hopefully a decent clan scene will string up again! Holding thumbs

9 years ago

Hey Davey G, thanks for the article. Was a good read a month ago when I started getting into playing scout in mix games -especially since I’d never played scout in pubs before that. It’s been a great help. Also thanks to Spoon for being a great Scout to learn from watching play.

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