16Bit TF Face-Off Challenge

16Bit TF presents the very first Face-Off Challenge, two brackets, 8 teams and strong competition will be put to the test in am improved structure to the One Nighter’s Cup.

Following in the One Nighter’s Cup’s footsteps, 16Bit TF will present a brand new challenge to the growing Team Fortress 2(TF2) community and will be held on Monday 10 October at 19:00.

How will it work?

The Face-Off Challenge will consist out of two brackets, one the Pro Bracket; this bracket will be open to the top 4 competitive TF2 clans and the Novice Bracket; this bracket will be open to every one else (also 4 clans), from mixed teams to clans who wish to prove themselves good enough to compete against the best.

The Face-Off Challenge will be run once a month, the winner of the Novice Bracket will be promoted to the Pro Bracket for the next challenge and the clan that scores the least amount of rounds won in the Pro Bracket, relegated to the Novice Bracket, giving them a chance to work their way up the ladder.

In case of a tie, a tie breaker match will be scheduled before the next challenge seedings are done.

Challenge Structure:

Each bracket will consist of 2 rounds, each being a Best of Three round. The following image will demonstrate the structure applicable to both brackets.

Map Elimination:

Map elimination will be held in the following manner, at the start of the round clans will be appointed 15 minutes to decide their maps played, clan captains will join the server and have a melee round, the captain to get the first kill on their opponent, gets to select the three maps to be played.

Maps Available:

The maps available for pick will be the following:


Round Durations:

Round 1 of the Face-Off Challenge will start at 19:00 and end at 21:00 and Round 2 at 21:00 to 23:00, during the 2 hours appointed, clans must complete the map decider as well as the three maps played.

Info and Rules:

  • Team Captains MUST have read the Cup Rules.
  • Players must play under the nicks they have registered with.
  • All participants must make sure that they have their TF2 in working condition. Players won’t be given any extra time to fix their game or Steam.
  • 2 Subs allowed as long as they are not taking part for any other team on the competition and cannot sub for more than one team on the competition.

Match Rules:

  • Normal Gamemode: 6on6
  • Class limits: 1 medic, 1 demo, 1heavy, 2 of the rest
  • Minimum of 5 players needed to play a match
  • Winlimit = Point difference of 5
  • Timelimit 30 for all non-Stop-Watch-Maps
  • Golden Cap if required will be played with a time limit of 10 minutes and if no team wins the round in time the winner will be the team that has possession of the mid point.


Have a look at the general TF2 rules here.


Clan Captains, Vice-Captains or Managers can sign up their clans by posting their team on the 16Bit TF Facebook Group or 16Bit TF Steam group, alternatively the information can be emailed to 16bittf@gmail.com.


Please note, that if you have entered your clan into previous One Nighter’s Cups, you may only post your team name and changes to the line-up, there is no need to post your details again.


Clans are required to sign up with the following format:

  • Clan Name
  • Captain: Name “Alias” Surname
  • Vice Captain: Name “Alias” Surname
  • Manager: Name “Alias” Surname
  • Player: Name “Alias” Surname
  • Player: Name “Alias” Surname
  • Player: Name “Alias” Surname
  • Reserve: Name “Alias” Surname
  • Reserve: Name “Alias” Surname
  • Clan server access to change maps (Yes/No).
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10 years ago

also, Lolita can u just confirm who is in pro and who is in novice brackets….

10 years ago

thanx lolita 🙂

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