Jan 18 2012

TF2CSA Foundry Cup Registrations Open

Well it’s time to warm-up for 6v6 action peeps so let’s get started with a cup. This short tournament will take place from 19th of February until 26th of February and it will be played on a single map Cp Foundry to test it in the local scene and hopefully get some feedback on it from the community to decide if it’s a worthy map to be added for the 2012 season maps pool.


Cp_Foundry has received some popularity votes at the EU competitive scene.

  • Format: 6v6
  • Registrations Close Friday 17th February 11pm
  • Kick Off Sunday 19th February
  • Final Sunday 26th February

How to register:

  • To register for the competition team leaders must just email razerfox@tf2.co.za with the roster and team name.

More info to follow as soon as registrations closed and we have the total numbers of teams.

Teams Registered

  • Dirty Motion

Geno – Skillpig – Goldfox – Razerfox – Elapid – Carnage

  • Naked

Fish – Xolox – Antie – Pacifist – GrimAndy – Silencer

  • pcZ

Zephon – Phenix – Bl1nd – Goldenpantsman – Peng – Pointblank – Ultixorz – Inhuman –  Kilroy


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  1. Whisp

    Keen! Will have to see what this map is all about :S

  2. Lola

    Cool, vinTage go times!

  3. stiXz_

    Cool, dH» will try and play 😀

  4. Deacan

    GO GO GO GO!!!

    “You’ll never hit me! You’ll never hit my tiny head! It’s so tiny! I got a frickin’… such a tiny li’l head!”

  5. skiba

    the mid point needs a medium hp pack either end. small one just don’t cut it IMO. other than that, great map.
    looking forward to this comp.

  6. Zephon

    ill rally the crushorz!!!

  7. Geno

    Will be an interesting cup. Alot of the guys overseas reckon there is too many health packs on the map. Valve pretty much mad the the map for public play.

    Will still be decent tho, looking forward to it!!!!

  8. Little-Mermaid

    If any teams desperately needs a player I’m up for a challenge.

    1. TheVovo

      He’s a roam solly

  9. EvilTrix

    Bugger :/ wont get a chance to partake. So i wish all the teams and players the best of luck =D

  10. Deacan

    I reckon Dirty Motion got this?

  11. Lola

    why no vinTage?

  12. Deacan

    Dont know if we have players

  13. Deacan

    This short tournament will take place from 29th of January until 5th of February

    looks like it might be a very short tournament :(

    1. Razerfox

      Indeed… :(

      1. Zephon

        then we must just make sure it is an incredibly win tournament!!!

        1. Razerfox

          well with 3 teams only might not even happen :/ maybe i should try again at a latter stage.

  14. Razerfox

    Well let’s re-schedule to the end of February or beginning of March to see if there are enough teams by then.
    Registrations Close Friday 17th February 11pm
    Kick Off Sunday 19th February
    Final Sunday 26th February

  15. Pooman_Sam

    So what’s the situation regarding this tourney?

  16. Razerfox

    Well I don’t really think we have enough teams for it :( but 16BitTF will come up with something shortly.

    Wonder if we can get over 6 teams

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