TF2CSA Cup v2 Update

The group stage of the TF2CSA Cup v2 “Custom Maps” it’s  sorted and we already have the finalists from Alpha  and Beta group to play next Sunday on BO3 Best Of 3 Maps.

This Cup played on custom maps where most of the teams did not have much experience on them made an interesting tournament as teams had to adapt to them in a short period of time making it  more challenging. I would like to get some feedback from the teams about these maps and which ones they think should be included on our 6v6 series Maps Pool. Looking forward to that…

Have a look at the standings of Alpha and Beta groups:

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Group Alpha Final

Operator vs Company

Operator Wins

Group Beta Final

Severe vs Cмерть

cp_prolane 6-2     cp_obscure 4-1

Severe Wins

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11 years ago

So ampt for our final game ^^

11 years ago

Congrats to all the finalists ^^

11 years ago

When wil we know wat maps are going to be played or wil it only be when we join the server?