TF2 Pickup Rule Guideline

TF2 SA Pickup Rule Guideline

Have TF2 experience

You must have played TF2 for a while. If you’re a beginner with TF2 don’t bother joining a pickup. The others will notice it straight away and start moaning about you.

You don’t have to be particularly good at TF2 though. As long as you have a good amount of experience with it (ie. know maps, know where the health/ammo is on maps, know all classes, know all weapons including unlockables, having most of the general achievements).

A rule of thumb is to have at least 40 played hours, and at least 20 hours in two of three of these classes: Scout, Soldier, Demo.

Know pickups

If you have never seen a TF2 clan match or pickup, then you should not join one. That would be like playing a game of chess without knowing the rules – a complete mess. When a pickup starts you can try to join the tf2 server and spectate it. See how it plays out and learn from it. Do it a couple of times and then maybe try to add to a pickup yourself. This is a very important point. If you choose to ignore it you will be banned.

Be prepared

We encourage you to enable highlighting in your IRC client. ‘Highlighting’ means that whenever someone writes your nickname you will hear a beep. This makes it less likely for you to miss a pickup. To enable highlighting in mIRC see this guide.

On IRC and in-game you should have similar names – otherwise people don’t know who is who (which is especially a problem when someone is missing). If you use different names and you get banned for something you didn’t do, then you probably won’t be unbanned.

Make sure you have the map cp_freight and cp follower (extract the files into Steam\SteamApps\your@account\team fortress 2\tf\maps)

Also make sure to join one of the TF2 servers to check if your ping is alright. The IPs for the TF2 servers can be found using the !servers command in #tf2. It can be a good idea to put them in your favourites (on Steam) because you are required to join  the TF2 server within 10 minutes after the pickup starts.

Never leave a pickup

If you’re in a pickup you have to stay in it until it ends. Leaving before the end ruins it for the 11 other players. If you absolutely have to leave, then make sure to tell your team why and find someone on #tf2 to replace you. It is always your own responsibility to find a replacement.

Know pickups

It’s not a mistake to have this headline twice because it is so essential.
Here are some of the most important points regarding this subject:

– A team should almost always consists of 1 medic, 1 soldier, 1 soldier/heavy, 1 demoman, 2 scouts
– If you want to play any other class then make sure your team agrees to it
– There may only be 2 of each class
– However there may only be 1 demoman, 1 pyro and 1 medic
– The medic should be healing his team mates 99% of the match
– The sooner you join the server, the better chance you have to play the class you want. If your class   is taken when you join, you’ll simply have to play another class.
– On granary and badlands the pickup is finished when 30 minutes have passed or one team has 5 points

To get a better idea of how the 6v6 gamestyle is played, check out some demos.

Should you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact any of the following people:

Xt3rminator, Goldfox, Joint, Bobalas, Surge, Razerfox, Reg, Chaotic, Kinganimal, Toast, Turbz, Raliator, Fr00glez0r, Skillpig

TF2 Pickup Rules

(These are only guidelines, admins can alter at their own discretion)

Breaking a rule will result in a ban:

  • Players are expected to connect to the server for the entire duration of the pickup, if you will be late, please notify an admin, letting him know how long.
  • Players ARE allowed to request a replacement should they need to leave, but they MUST wait in the server until the replacement has joined the team. Once the replacement is in and playing, the player is able to leave the Pickup. Do NOT expect to be able to leave the Pickup and have a replacement found for you, doing so will result in a ban.
  • Admin powers are to be used properly, and not to disrupt the pickup in progress. Kicking/Banning players for the server with no reason will not be tolerated.
  • Players being disruptive during the pickup(eg. being rude to other players, not adhering to class restrictions) will be warned and then if said player ignores the warning and continues to be disruptive, he or she will be banned.
  • Players who sign up for the PICKUP in the IRC channel and do not join the server within 10 minutes unless if he/she found a sub and notified the admin/captains involved.
  • Spamming of any sort, not only limited to !add, will result in automatic ban of 1 (one) hour. Players who continue to spam after returning from their 1 (one) hour ban will be dealt a lengthier ban.
  • Any generic player using the /notice command in IRC will be banned for 1 (one) hour. The /notice command is ONLY for admins and should never be spammed! Admins spamming the /notice command will be reprimanded and given a warning, followed by a removal of their admin privileges if it happens again.
  • Being abusive (which includes, but is not limited to, racism/sexism/rude or other distasteful comments) or disruptive, ruining the game for other players or being a downright idiot will result in a ban.
  • Players may join the Pickup server if they’re not in the Pickup. However, please add (spec) to your name the Pickup. If a player who added to the Pickup does not show up, please contact the games admin to let them know that you will sub. DO NOT simply join a Pickup team in the absence of a player unless specifically told too by an admin.
  • The scout unlock, Sandman, is banned in competitive play.
  • The sixth person to join each team has the responsibility of going medic, unless of course someone else already has selected that class.

We expect players to follow these game play rules, and to behave properly during the Pickup.

BANS are as follows:

  • Being later than 10 min in a pickup will result in a 8 Hour BAN
  • Spamming over voice or chat will result in  a 4 Hour BAN
  • Swearing and abuse to other players will result in a 24 Hour BAN
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12 years ago

Wow, that’s alot of rules!

12 years ago

Swearing and abuse to other players will result in a 24 Hour BAN

Is that really necessary i agree with the abuse but every now and then you might swear. Is it going to be strict?

12 years ago

what bs rule is this?(•The sixth person to join each team has the responsibility of going medic, unless of course someone else already has selected that class.) so al the new players are basically going to have to play medic…because the chance of being picked last is almost 100%. And if they don’t want to play (cause i find it boring/they might too) they can’t say they don’t want to because there is a rule saying they must if they are picked last and nobody else wants to play it. So I am asking u this how must a new player prove that he has skill?? if there is such a big chance of him playing medic? IF this rule is really going to be forced in I think and I hope I am wrong that the competitive community is going to die. Cause nobody is going to like to be forced to play a class he does not like

12 years ago

There’s a 1 pyro limit?

You learn something new every day, although I can’t see why anyone would even want 1 pyro…

12 years ago

MEDIC IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY PICK UPS – spoken like a person that wants someone else to medic…I’m sorry but pick ups are broken. No one wants to medic and I dont blame them. Its boring. You spend money on bandwidth just to sit there and watch other people play and on top of that you get moaned at coz you dont boost the scouts when they double jumping in between your whole team and cant fix on them. Its the worst class to play coz no matter how well you play some one will die and it will be your fault. I started playing medic when I first found Tf coz I had never played anything else b4 and wanted to learn the game. Worst decision, I am now stuck on it and play medic 8 out of 10 times. If you dont want to play medic dont. Pick ups are not about certain people refining their skills (demos) its about giving us all the opportunity to get better at classes we want to play.

12 years ago

Thx for Agreeing with me Deacon. I am glad somebody else feels the same way.
And this phrase MEDIC IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY PICK UPS is BS!!!! It is just there cause old players don’t wanna medic. Not that I blame them cause it is boring as hell. But still, that phrase is Bull shit !!

12 years ago

the fist class i played was medic in my first piq up was also the first time i was Raged at. Btw ppl if ure new expect to be raged at!!!

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