Turns 1 Year Old!!!

It seems like it was a couple of months back when this site started but freaking 12 months have already past. I have to be honest, running the site has it’s fun and bitter moments but that’s how it goes when you deal with a community website.ย  Feedback’s, points of views, disagreements and the sort are part of the way to give shape to a community and find what is best.

Through the hard work of getting the site up and running to maintaining it with relevant and up to date content we have taken a competitive community which was almost completely dead and now have 3 or more leagues all running smoothly and a good couple of teams competing.

New friendships have been forged and a lot of new faces can be seen in pickups and mix’s with many of the “oldschool” guys helping out where ever they can.

A big thanks to the Team Fortress 2 community of South Africa for all your continued support and participation and lets see this site through for another year!


For those who don’t know the guys running this website they are as follows:

Razerfox – Founder, Webmaster,ย Venezuelan porra scout extraordinaire!

Xterminator – Co-founder, editor, Raging Pocket Soldier

Likalota – Editor and public relations, pR0R0!

GrimAndy – Editor, Design, Dirty Soldier in a speedo

Bobalas – Editor, Demo with infinite knowledge

Joint – Editor, pR0 game caller and Super Demo

Wikus – Coding master, Scout

Kaboos – Contributor, pocket soldier

We might not keep this website as up to date as we would like but work, studies and TF2 gameplay take their toll.

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11 years ago

Well done guys! great job. keep it coming ๐Ÿ˜€
GrimAndy โ€“ Editor, Design, Dirty Soldier in a speedo
Wheres the sexi part ??? ๐Ÿ˜› some sick designs w/d

11 years ago

Shweet, glad to be a small part of it all ๐Ÿ™‚

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